Father searches for daughter's ashes after truck stolen

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Tuesday Patrick Sanabria and his woman were hiking successful the Great Smoky Mountains National Park adjacent the North Carolina border. The 2 started the hike a small aft 8:00 a.m. and ended conscionable astir noon.

When the 2 returned to the spot they parked in, Sanabria’s White 1997 Ford Ranger was gone, stolen.

”'97 Ford ranger, five-speed, spread successful the tailgate, not a atrocious motortruck but not a motortruck you would deliberation idiosyncratic would steal,” said Sanabria.

While helium doesn’t person his regular operator anymore, determination was a tiny point wrong the truck, hanging from the rear-view reflector that helium wants backmost the most.

”I got possibly 5 minutes of walking successful and realized what I’d near connected the rearview reflector determination and conscionable broke down determination successful the mediate of the gravel road, it’s similar I mislaid her each implicit again,” said Sanabria.

Sanabria’s 1-year-old girl died the time aft her archetypal day successful May.

To retrieve his babe girl, Sanabria bought an owl pendant disconnected of Etsy and enactment immoderate of her ashes wrong to transportation with him always.

”It’s crazy, it blows my mind,” said Sanabria.

He isn’t disquieted astir his truck, but helium is disquieted astir trying, anyhow helium can, to get that necklace back.

”Even that small pendant, that small piece, similar I said it’s similar losing her each implicit again. Like she’s already gone and they conscionable took a small spot more. It sucks that those radical exist,” said Sanabria.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park issued the pursuing connection astir thefts successful the parkland erstwhile reached for comment.

“While infrequent, spot transgression does hap wrong Great Smoky Mountains National Park. U.S. Park Rangers are trained to analyse and prosecute spot transgression offenses that hap successful the parkland and actively patrol parking areas arsenic a deterrent. However, we promote our visitors to instrumentality precautions by not leaving valuables unattended portion enjoying the park, particularly connected parkland trailheads. You tin assistance Rangers combat spot transgression by reporting suspicious enactment by calling 865-436-9171,” said Acting Chief Ranger Jeff Glossop.

If anyone finds the necklace they are asked to telephone police.

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