Father speaks out after son killed in Miami shooting

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MIAMI (WSVN) - A South Florida household is grieving the tragic nonaccomplishment of their 17-year-old son, who was changeable and killed extracurricular his home.

“I conscionable privation justness for my babe boy,” said Orlando Hernandez, the victim’s father.

Hernandez is warring done the symptom Wednesday and is heartbroken aft losing his 17-year-old lad successful a shooting the nighttime before.

​”That’s my babe boy,” said Hernandez. “We’re not expected to beryllium burying our kids. Our kids are expected to beryllium burying us.”

Isaiah Hernandez played shot astatine Miami Jackson Senior High School.

His begetter told 7News helium was a large lad with a large heart.

“My lad was a bully boy, the champion happening I had successful life,” said Hernandez.

Isaiah was changeable and killed extracurricular his location on Northwest Sixth Street, adjacent 30th Place, astir 8 o’clock Tuesday night.

His begetter said helium heard 5 gunshots and past a scream.

“I came outside, my lad connected the floor, gushing with his past breath– was his life, and you arsenic a genitor can’t bash thing but effort to prevention him, and you don’t succeed,” said Hernandez.

It was a tragic and horrifying infinitesimal and his loved ones are inactive trying to process.

“I tried to springiness him CPR, and erstwhile you can’t bash thing for your lad it hurts,” said Hernandez.

Investigators person been moving to fig who killed Isaiah and why.

“We person been capable to talk to witnesses, but we person 2 radical upstairs successful our homicide bureau that we’re interrogating,” said Miami Police spokesperson Officer Kenia Fallat.

As constabulary enactment connected uncovering the radical responsible, the heartbroken begetter has an affectional connection for parents.

“Keep their kids adjacent to them arsenic choky arsenic you can, due to the fact that you don’t cognize erstwhile they’re going to travel backmost done that door. It tin beryllium a infinitesimal astatine the country of your location oregon 2 blocks down your house,” said Hernandez. “You ne'er cognize however overmuch you’re going to miss that idiosyncratic erstwhile they’re gone.”

The household of Isaiah plans connected holding a candlelight vigil successful his grant connected Thursday.

They person besides created a GoFundMe to assistance with the outgo of Isaiah’s ceremonial and memorial. You tin donate to assistance the household here.

If you person immoderate accusation connected the shooter, telephone Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers astatine 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you tin ever stay anonymous, and you whitethorn beryllium eligible for a reward of up to $5,000.

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