FBI agents raid doctor's office

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OAK GROVE, Mo. (KCTV) - A doc successful Oak Grove is nether a national investigation. FBI agents raided the offices of Dr. David Clark Tuesday.

Just aft 10 a.m., Sue Moon arrived to the country of agents swarming the country extracurricular of her bookstore.

“There was a achromatic van and achromatic truck,” said Moon.

Moon owns Read It Again Books connected Broadway successful Oak Grove. She described the country to KCTV5.

“People, tons of radical lasting successful groups talking,” said Moon. “There are tons of rumors, but haven’t heard precisely what is it, conscionable that it was the FBI.”

The FBI confirmed to KCTV5 “We had a lawful beingness successful the country regarding an investigative matter. Oak Grove Police provided assistance.”

“I heard they were carrying retired worldly from Dr. Clark’s,” said Moon.

Dr. David Clark runs Health Plus. On the clinic’s website, helium is listed arsenic a Chiropractic Internist and Naturopath successful backstage signifier since 1975. Health Plus is described arsenic a premier holistic alternate wellness an wellness center. Also recovered connected the website the connection “The Doctor the Amish trust.”

On Wednesday, KCTV5 cameras spotted respective Amish radical visiting Clark’s clinic.

“They travel by train, they person drivers,” said Moon.

Sue said it’s a good known information Clark is precise fashionable with the Amish.

“They travel present from each implicit the country,” said Moon. “They enactment for a fewer days a batch of the times. The full household volition travel truthful – we’ve seen each ages.”

She said for the astir part, the doc keeps a debased profile.

“He’s been present a agelong time, helium doesn’t person a motion oregon thing a batch of radical don’t cognize that it’s a doctor’s office,” said Moon.

A doctors bureau present being investigated by the FBI, but it’s unclear for what. Sue said what is clear, this benignant of happening doesn’t hap successful Oak Grove.

“I don’t deliberation this was connected anybody’s bingo paper for sure,” said Sue.

KCTV5 made respective attempts to interaction Clark, but we did not perceive back.

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