FBI takes over abduction investigation

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MIAMI - The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken implicit an probe into a reported abduction successful SW Miami-Dade.

Police said the telephone came successful Thursday, astatine astir 2:30 p.m., arsenic Miami-Dade constabulary responded to the 4700 artifact of SW 87th Place.

Authorities confirmed their probe progressive a pistillate and 2 children.

Shortly aft 9 p.m. the pistillate and the children were recovered harmless wrong 2 miles from wherever they were reportedly abducted. 

Now, the FBI volition beryllium looking into what happened.  

Under the "Lindbergh Law," the FBI has jurisdiction to analyse immoderate reported mysterious disappearance oregon kidnapping involving a child. "There does not person to beryllium a ransom request nor does the kid person to transverse authorities lines oregon beryllium missing for 24 hours earlier the FBI volition go involved."

Images from the country showed portion of the vicinity roped disconnected with yellowish tape.  

There were besides respective constabulary cruisers, arsenic good as, an grounds constabulary truck. 

The probe continued into the night. 

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