FDA Bans Juul E-Cigarettes Tied To Teen Vaping Surge

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal wellness officials connected Thursday ordered Juul to propulsion its physics cigarettes from the U.S. market, the latest stroke to the embattled institution wide blamed for sparking a nationalist surge successful teen vaping.

The enactment is portion of a sweeping effort by the Food and Drug Administration to bring technological scrutiny to the multibillion-dollar vaping manufacture aft years of regulatory delays.

Parents, politicians and anti-tobacco advocates wanted a prohibition connected the devices that galore blasted for the emergence successful underage vaping. Supporters accidental they tin assistance smokers chopped backmost connected regular cigarettes.

The FDA noted that Juul whitethorn person played a “disproportionate″ relation successful the emergence successful teen vaping and its exertion didn’t person capable grounds to amusement that selling its products “would beryllium due for the extortion of the nationalist health.”

The bureau has granted immoderate e-cigarette applications. Since past fall, the bureau has fixed its OK to tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes from R.J. Reynolds, Logic and different companies.

But manufacture players and anti-tobacco advocates person complained that those products relationship for conscionable a tiny percent of the $6 cardinal vaping marketplace successful the U.S.

Regulators repeatedly delayed making decisions connected devices from marketplace leaders, including Juul, which remains the best-selling vaping marque though income person dipped.

Last year, the bureau rejected applications for much than a cardinal different e-cigarettes and related products, chiefly owed to their imaginable entreaty to underage teens.

To enactment connected the market, companies indispensable amusement that their products payment nationalist health. In practice, that means proving that big smokers who usage the products are apt to discontinue oregon trim their smoking, portion teens are improbable to get hooked connected them.

E-cigarettes archetypal appeared successful the U.S. much than a decennary agone with the committedness of providing smokers a little harmful alternative. The devices vigor a nicotine solution into a vapor that’s inhaled, bypassing galore of the toxic chemicals produced by burning tobacco.

But studies person reached conflicting results astir whether they genuinely assistance smokers quit. And efforts by the FDA to regularisation connected vaping products and their claims were repeatedly slowed by manufacture lobbying and competing governmental interests.

The vaping marketplace grew to see hundreds of companies selling an array of devices and nicotine solutions successful assorted flavors and strengths.

The vaping contented took connected caller urgency successful 2018 erstwhile Juul’s high-nicotine, fruity-flavored cartridges rapidly became a nationwide craze among mediate and precocious schoolhouse students. The institution faces a slew of national and authorities investigations into its aboriginal selling practices, which included distributing escaped Juul products astatine concerts and parties hosted by young influencers.

In 2019, the institution was pressured into halting each advertizing and eliminating its effect and dessert flavors. The adjacent year, the FDA constricted flavors successful tiny vaping devices to conscionable baccy and menthol. Separately, Congress raised the acquisition property for each baccy and vaping products to 21.

But the question of whether e-cigarettes should stay connected the marketplace astatine each remained.

The FDA has been moving nether a tribunal bid to render its decisions; anti-tobacco groups successfully sued the bureau to velocity up its review.

FDA regulators warned companies for years they would person to taxable rigorous, semipermanent information showing a wide payment for smokers who power to vaping. But each but the largest e-cigarette manufacturers person resisted conducting that benignant of expensive, time-consuming research.

While Juul remains a apical seller, a caller national survey shows that teen person been shifting distant from the company. Last year’s survey showed Juul was the 4th astir fashionable e-cigarette among precocious schoolers who regularly vape. The astir fashionable marque was a disposable e-cigarette called Puff Bar that comes successful flavors similar pinkish lemonade, strawberry and mango. That company’s disposable e-cigarettes had been capable to skirt regularisation due to the fact that they usage synthetic nicotine, which until precocious was extracurricular the FDA’s jurisdiction. Congress precocious closed that loophole.

Overall, the survey showed a driblet of astir 40% successful the teen vaping complaint arsenic galore kids were forced to larn from location during the pandemic. Still, national officials cautioned astir interpreting the results fixed they were collected online for the archetypal time, alternatively of successful classrooms.

The brainchild of 2 Stanford University students, Juul launched successful 2015 and wrong 2 years rocketed to the apical of the vaping market. Juul, which is partially owned by baccy elephantine Altria, inactive accounts for astir 50% of the U.S. e-cigarette market. It erstwhile controlled much than 75%.

On Tuesday, the FDA besides laid retired plans to found a maximum nicotine level for definite baccy products to trim their addictiveness. In that announcement, the bureau besides noted that it has invested successful a multimedia nationalist acquisition run aimed astatine informing young radical astir the imaginable risks of e-cigarette use.


AP Health Writer Tom Murphy contributed to this report.


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