FDA Plans To Remove Popular Juul E-Cigarettes From U.S. Markets: Report

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reportedly plans to region 1 of the astir fashionable brands of vaping products from the market.

The FDA could unit Juul Labs Inc., the largest e-cigarette shaper successful the U.S., to halt selling its products arsenic aboriginal arsenic this week, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources acquainted with the decision.

Juul Labs has been nether reappraisal by the FDA since 2020, aft the institution applied to proceed selling e-cigarette products successful the U.S.

The FDA’s reappraisal of Juul is portion of the agency’s larger overhaul efforts to reappraisal vaping products successful an effort to analyse whether they are a menace to nationalist health. The reappraisal comes successful effect to nationalist interest that they are not being regulated arsenic strictly arsenic different baccy products.

The FDA was besides responding to claims that Juul’s nicotine products, which were marketed with fruity flavors and personage endorsements, were targeting teenagers and causing an uptick successful underage baccy use, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The FDA is reviewing each large e-cigarette companies’ applications successful 2021 and 2022 connected whether their products could get baccy users to discontinue and if the benefits outweigh the wellness consequences for caller users, including teenagers.

E-cigarettes are the astir commonly utilized baccy merchandise among students successful the U.S.

A March study by the FDA connected baccy usage recovered that much than 2 cardinal U.S. mediate and precocious schoolhouse students consumed baccy products monthly successful 2021.

In 2019, the FDA’s transgression investigations portion launched a probe into e-cigarette companies aft the products were linked to a nationwide outbreak of lung illnesses connected to vaping products.

The outbreak resulted successful astatine slightest 530 illnesses and seven deaths, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study successful September 2019.

Former Juul CEO Kevin Burns stepped down that aforesaid twelvemonth aft facing harsh disapproval from those who were acrophobic the products were dangerous.

Juul besides slashed its selling efforts, unopen down its Facebook and Instagram pages, and ceased utilizing fruit-flavored cartridges successful 2019 arsenic a amusement of goodwill toward the FDA and nationalist wellness concerns.

Stock shares of the baccy institution Altria, which manufactures Marlboro cigarettes and owns a 35% involvement successful Juul, fell 8% aft the announcement, according to The Guardian.

HuffPost reached retired to the FDA for much accusation but did not perceive backmost successful clip for publication.

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