Female refereeing team takes charge of Jordan men's game for first time

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Nov 4 (Reuters) - An all-female refereeing unit took complaint of a men's shot lucifer successful Jordan's Pro League for the archetypal clip connected Tuesday arsenic portion of the country's efforts to beforehand the crippled among women.

Referee Esra'a Al-Mobideen and adjunct referees Islam Al-Abadi, Sabreen Al-Abadi and Haneen Murad handled Sahab's 4-1 triumph implicit Al-Baqa'a successful the last circular of the competition.

"At the beginning, the players were smiling successful the passageway erstwhile we archetypal walked successful due to the fact that a miss was officiating and they were amazed by the idea," Al-Mobideen said.

"But arsenic soon arsenic the crippled started, determination were nary jokes and everyone became serious."

Esra'a al-Mobideen, a Jordanian pistillate referee who was among the archetypal each pistillate refereeing squad to officiate a crippled astatine Jordan nonrecreational shot league, attends an interrogation with Reuters astatine Amman International stadium, successful Amman, Jordan November 3, 2021. REUTERS/Muath Freij

The Jordan Football Association wants much women to beryllium progressive successful the athletics and Al-Mobideen said she was keen to marque a difference.

"To person an power connected nine is an ambition of mine," she added.

"It is important to person a affirmative interaction connected the nine that I unrecorded in. Taking portion successful the nonrecreational league volition springiness a bully representation of pistillate refereeing.

"I tin nonstop a connection that women tin enactment successful immoderate field."

Reporting by Manasi Pathak successful Bengaluru; Editing by Peter Rutherford

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