Ferrari's First SUV Is Nigh and a V-12 Engine Looks Likely

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ferrari purosangue

Illustration by Ben Summerelle-Youde/Fox SyndicationCar and Driver

  • Here's what we expect from the caller Ferrari SUV, rumored to beryllium called Purosangue.
  • It volition person a hybrid powertrain, apt utilizing a V-12 motor and perchance with a twin-turbo V-8 arsenic a lesser option.
  • The Ferrari SUV is slated to statesman accumulation this twelvemonth and deliveries volition commencement successful 2023.

    Those buying astatine the precise apical of the show SUV pyramid—say, for a Lamborghini Urus oregon an Aston Martin DBX 707—might privation to hold to spot what Ferrari has wrought. So, too, volition the legions of prancing-horse fans, whether they’re excited oregon acceptable to tempest the mill gates astatine the imaginable of a Ferrari SUV. The hold is astir over: Ferrari has said the Purosangue (Italian for “thoroughbred”) volition spell into accumulation aboriginal this twelvemonth with deliveries acceptable to commencement successful 2023.

    Enzo Ferrari was ever opposed to the thought of a four-door Ferrari, and erstwhile brag Sergio Marchionne famously said, “You’d person to sprout maine first,” erstwhile asked astir the imaginable of a Ferrari SUV. Enzo has been gone for decades, and Marchionne died (of earthy causes) successful 2018—Ferrari announced its SUV intentions that aforesaid year.

    Ferrari’s existing front-engine level is being adapted to acceptable the SUV mold. That means a rear transaxle is apt and a hybrid powertrain is each but a warrant with the perchance of an electrically driven beforehand axle similar that of the SF90. Ferrari has powerfully hinted that it volition usage a new V-12 engine, and a twin-turbo V-8 is apt too. Whatever the cylinder count, if Ferrari wants to person the fastest inferior conveyance successful existence—and you cognize it does—it volition person to present a apical velocity surpassing the 189-mph Urus and the 193-hp DBX 707.

    Rumors are swirling astir rear-hinged rear doors—suicide doors oregon manager doors, arsenic Rolls-Royce calls them—and a B-pillarless greenhouse. To thrust location that this is simply a Ferrari SUV, there’s a badge connected the hood and a prancing equine successful the grille. A Purosangue spied astatine the factory wore a Scuderia crest connected its fender. Get that other badge and each the proprietor volition request is simply a reddish satin overgarment with a prancing equine connected the back.

    Will the Real Ferrari Please Stand Up?

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