Ferrari SP48 Unica Is a One-Off F8 Tributo with Smoother Styling

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  • Meet the Ferrari SP48 Unica, the latest one-off from the Italian supercar company.
  • Based connected the F8 Tributo, the SP48’s styling is much reminiscent of the 296GTB, with a blacked-out A-pillar and a little broadside aerial scoop.
  • A hexagonal signifier appears passim the car, astir prominently connected the beforehand grille and the halfway of the roof.

    The Ferrari F8 Tributo is simply a slinky, exotic supercar covered successful crisp creases and gaping vents, powered by a 710-horsepower twin-turbo 3.9-liter V-8. But for immoderate people, adjacent that is not enough, and that’s wherever Ferrari’s Special Projects squad steps in, designing bespoke creations for the Italian marque’s astir well-to-do clientele. The SP48 Unica, seen here, is Ferrari’s latest one-off, revealed contiguous and based connected the F8.

    ferrari sp48 unica


    While it rides connected the F8’s platform, the SP48 Unica’s plan feels much successful enactment with Ferrari’s newest hybrid offering, the 296GTB. The beforehand grille has been overhauled with an intricate honeycomb pattern, sitting beneath horizontal headlights that incorporated a vent, conscionable similar the 296. The SP48 besides mimics its hybrid V-6 sibling with a blacked-out A-pillar, creating what Ferrari calls a “visor effect” with the roof. Ferrari says the broadside windows are narrower, portion the rear windshield is gone, replaced by a patterned portion that extends backmost into the rear wing. Air intakes conscionable up of that helping echo the plan of the beforehand grille and extortion graphic.

    Car and Driver

    Ferrari says it moved an intercooler intake down the broadside windows, allowing the designers to trim the size of the scoops carved into the bodywork conscionable up of the rear wheels. The F8’s circular taillights are replaced by bladed rectangular units stretching the width of the car, perched supra a beefy diffuser. There aren't immoderate photos of the cabin, but Ferrari says the seats and overmuch of the trim is achromatic Alcantara, and the hexagonal motif from the exterior continues inside.

    The SP48 was created for a long-time Ferrari buyer, and there’s nary connection connected price, but we ideate it was a hefty sum connected apical of the F8’s $283,950 starting price.

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