Fetterman agrees to debate Oz in Pennsylvania Senate race

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(CNN)A time aft Pennsylvania GOP Senate nominee Mehmet Oz again attacked John Fetterman implicit his refusal to debate, the Democratic lieutenant governor, who is recovering from a changeable suffered successful May, has committed to gathering his opponent.

Fetterman said successful a connection Wednesday that helium ever intended to statement Oz and that the hold-up has "only ever been astir addressing immoderate of the lingering issues of my stroke, the auditory processing, and we're going to beryllium capable to enactment that out."

Though helium declined to supply specifics implicit wherever and erstwhile helium planned to statement Oz, Fetterman said helium was eyeing sometime "in the mediate to extremity of October," adding, "We are inactive finalizing the details."

    He archetypal made akin comments successful an interrogation with Politico published Wednesday.

      The 10 Senate seats astir   apt  to flip successful  2022

      Minutes aft the interrogation was published, the Oz run enactment retired a connection mocking the announcement, deriding it arsenic a "secret debate."

      "Let's beryllium wide - Dr. Oz's run won't hold to a SECRET debate. It has to beryllium a REAL 1 with REAL journalists asking REAL questions. Sorry John - imaginary debates don't count!" Oz communications manager Brittany Yanick said.

      The Pennsylvania Senate spot is a apical prime up opportunity for Democrats, who are defending their slim bulk successful the enclosure this fall. The authorities narrowly voted for Joe Biden successful 2020, 4 years aft voters determination narrowly backed Donald Trump.

        On Tuesday, Oz and retiring GOP Sen. Pat Toomey held a associated quality league to impeach Fetterman of either lying astir his wellness oregon trying to dodge statement questions.

        "He's either not arsenic good arsenic helium claims to be, oregon he's acrophobic to beryllium called retired for the extremist policies helium supports," Toomey said. "It's 1 oregon the other."

        Fetterman's run has insisted that helium is afloat recovering but hamstrung successful portion by what they've described arsenic "auditory processing" issues, which tin complicate his quality to perceive and speak. The issue, Fetterman and his aides say, volition resoluteness with time.

          Rebecca Katz, a elder advisor to Fetterman, has accused the Oz run of "deliberately conflating 2 abstracted things -- John's wellness and this past lingering effect of the stroke."

          "John Fetterman is healthy," she said. "He is sharp. He is funny. He is connected it."

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