Fifteen players resign from Spanish women's football team in bid to oust head coach

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(CNN)Fifteen of Spain's champion women footballers person resigned from the nationalist team, saying the grooming methods of their caput manager are harming their affectional states and health.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) said successful a statement Thursday that it has received 15 emails from 15 players asking not to beryllium selected and referred to the players having an contented with the nationalist squad manager Jorge Vilda and staff.

The federation said it was "an unprecedented concern successful the past of football, some antheral and female, successful Spain and worldwide."

    Players said successful their resignation letters that the "current situation" had importantly affected their "emotional authorities and health," according to the federation.

      Jorge Vilda, caput  manager  of Spain, earlier  the UEFA Women's Euro 2022 quarterfinal betwixt  England and Spain connected  July 20.

      The players were unhappy with the absorption of injuries, the ambiance successful the locker room, Vilda's squad enactment and his grooming sessions, Reuters reported citing sources adjacent to the situation.

      Two-time World Cup victor and US Women's National Team prima Megan Rapinoe posted an Instagram communicative connected Thursday nighttime supporting the players, saying, "You got a 16th [player] lasting with you successful [US emblem emoji] This galore players unneurotic similar this is truthful powerful. We should each listen."

      RFEF appears to beryllium lasting by the coach. The federation said it volition not "allow the players to question the continuity of the nationalist manager and his coaching staff, since making those decisions does not autumn wrong their powers."

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        "The federation volition not admit immoderate benignant of unit from immoderate subordinate erstwhile adopting sports measures. These types of maneuvers are acold from exemplary and extracurricular the values ​​of shot and athletics and are harmful," it added.

          RFEF said that the players would not beryllium allowed to instrumentality to the nationalist squad unless they "accept their mistake and inquire for forgiveness."

          The revolt is simply a precocious hazard determination for the players. The federation said that refusing to grant a call-up for a nationalist squad was classified arsenic a "very superior infraction and tin transportation sanctions of 2 and 5 years of disqualification."

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