Final Fantasy VII Rebirth comes out in February

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has a new trailer and a February release date. To close out a rather tame State of Play, Sony knew it had to bring out the big guns. So it did... with the Sister Ray.

Junon’s big ass gun was only one of the many new glimpses of the open world we got with FFVII: Rebirth’s new trailer. We also got a first look at Cosmo Canyon, Gold Saucer, and Cait Sith finally makes his appearance.

While FFVII: Remake and Rebirth diverge significantly from the story laid out in the original Final Fantasy VII, Rebirth looks like it’s still going to add a lot the side activities that made escaping Midgar on FFVII’s first disc so dang cool. Cloud’s zipping around Costa del Sol on a Segway, he’s playing fighting games in the Gold Saucer arcade. He’s also racing chocobos while totally ignoring Cosmo Canyon in the distance. Speaking of chocobos, I was so pleased to see all the different colored chocobos roaming the world map climbing mountains and crossing water just like they did in the original.

Rebirth offers a heavy dose of nostalgia, but I feel it’s also going to take the game in a totally new direction just like the first. We’ll find out all the wild and wacky plot twists Square Enix has in store when Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth hits PS5 on February 29th. And if you buy a physical copy, the game will span two discs.

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