Firefighter survives tornado that hit station

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HUGHES SPRINGS, Texas (KLTV) - It could instrumentality good into this week to wide each the downed trees and debris successful 1 East Texas city, slammed by tornadoes this past Friday night.

Longtime residents accidental thing similar this had ever happened successful the tiny assemblage of Hughes Springs, and they are inactive trying to process the scope of what deed them.

Firefighters gathered astatine Hughes Springs unpaid occurrence section to salvage what records and instrumentality they could from the mangled I-beams and collapsed rooms of their wrecked building.

“It carries a batch of emotions with it too. This was our location for 40 years oregon so. Of course, it’s bittersweet to spot it similar this,” said longtime unpaid firefighter John Burson.

Unknown to america astatine the clip of the storm, determination was a firefighter astatine the backmost portion of the occurrence section gathering erstwhile the tornado hit.

Randy Jones arrived astatine the presumption Friday night, preparing chainsaws and exigency instrumentality expecting to assistance successful harm areas, not knowing what was coming next.

“It conscionable hit. The rainfall hit, and 10 seconds aboriginal the gathering started coming apart,” Randy said.

Jones someway got underneath a vehicle, past a workbench toppled over, perchance shielding him from flying debris.

“I was trying to bent connected wherever I wasn’t going done the air,” helium said.

“He called america arsenic soon arsenic helium was capable to get wide to archer america to instrumentality shelter,” said Randy’s woman Michelle. “When helium got to his telephone helium said, ‘take shelter, instrumentality shelter.’ It was terrifying not knowing if helium was truly ok. He was inactive stuck successful the building.”

Jones yet got retired but didn’t spell home.

“Same nighttime it hit, helium was retired until 2 successful the greeting doing cleanable up,” Michelle said.

Offers for assistance are inactive coming successful from neighboring communities. So overmuch truthful that the occurrence main has recovered himself successful an antithetic position.

“We’ve had departments from hundreds of miles away. Everybody’s heard our situation, offered their help. You conscionable can’t bushed that. You get truthful overmuch assistance you’ve got to crook immoderate away. Sad, but anybody retired determination offering, if we don’t instrumentality the help, delight cognize we admit it,” said Fire Chief Jay Cates.

A spot of bully quality from Hughes Springs Police Chief Randy Kennedy concerns metropolis hall. Thought to beryllium a full loss, it looks present to beryllium salvageable and capable to beryllium restored.

Vital constabulary and metropolis records were not damaged.

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