Firefighters battle massive fire, save bar

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Firefighters battled a multi-alarm blaze successful Philadelphia's Port Richmond conception connected Sunday nighttime and saved a vicinity barroom from catching fire.

The telephone came successful conscionable earlier 10 p.m. for a monolithic occurrence showing from a vacant three-story warehouse located adjacent the intersection of Melvale and Tioga streets.

The Action Cam was determination arsenic the raging flames sent fume billowing into the sky.

Officials accidental a tyre manufacturing institution erstwhile operated retired of the warehouse. It was nary longer successful use, but immoderate was near wrong was fueling the fire.

Firefighters initially tried to get wrong the building, but backed distant erstwhile the flames started to intensify and changeable done the roof.

"There was occurrence showing connected the apical level erstwhile companies archetypal arrived and they took a antiaircraft posture," said Craig Murphy, Philadelphia Fire Department's archetypal lawman occurrence commissioner.

The blaze reached 4 alarms earlier it was brought nether power astir midnight Monday. Firefighters remained connected the country aboriginal Monday greeting putting retired blistery spots.

A information of I-95 adjacent the occurrence country was closed successful some directions for a play of clip owed to fume blowing crossed the roadway.

Tim McGinley, 1 of the owners of Bonk's Crab Bar located adjacent to the warehouse, says a bartender called and woke him up to archer him astir the fire. He told Action News the firefighters are the crushed his barroom is inactive standing.

"They're really connected our store extortion warring the fire. Winds change, if thing would've changed, our barroom would've went down. They truly saved the day," McGinley said.

McGinley has been feeding firefighters cheesesteak eggrolls to amusement his appreciation for redeeming the bar, which has been astir since the 1950s.

No injuries person been reported.

There was nary contiguous connection connected what sparked the blaze.

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