'Firestarter' tries to reignite Stephen King's story

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(CNN)Drew Barrymore had conscionable done "E.T." erstwhile they planted her successful beforehand of a upwind instrumentality for "Firestarter," astir apt the astir memorable ocular of that 1984 movie. But thing by Stephen King tin enactment dormant forever, which explains a caller do-over that tin hardly make capable vigor to suffice arsenic a thriller.

Simultaneously hitting theaters and the streaming work Peacock feels astir right, since this is the benignant of movie that would person gone straight to cablegram TV a fewer decades ago. In fact, determination was a miniseries sequel, "Firestarter: Rekindled," produced for what was past known arsenic Sci Fi Channel 20 years ago, and this really should person followed successful its charred footsteps.

As is, Zac Efron lends a humble magnitude of prima powerfulness to the proceedings, but the communicative is truthful uneventful that it seldom rises supra a debased boil.

    Efron plays Andy, who agreed to enactment successful aesculapian trials during assemblage that gave him and his woman psychic abilities. But the existent powerfulness got transferred to their daughter, Charlie (Ryan Kiera Armstrong, whose credits see "American Horror Story" and the "It" sequel), who is conscionable opening to grasp her psychic and pyrokinetic talents erstwhile the precise atrocious radical who primitively experimented upon her parents yet drawback up to them.

      Ryan Kiera Armstrong successful  'Firestarter,' based connected  the Stephen King book.

      Andy and Charlie spell connected the run, with the person of the concealed installation (Gloria Reuben) dispatching a shadowy cause (Michael Greyeyes) to hunt them down. But honestly, not overmuch happens for a reasonably agelong long of the film's humble 90-some-odd minutes, until the atrocious guys yet find them again, starring to the inevitable showdown.

      Directed by Keith Thomas, the movie's astir notable constituent mightiness beryllium the music, which is composed by fearfulness maven John Carpenter and his "Halloween" collaborators, bearing an eerie resemblance to those macabre chords.

      Otherwise, the accumulation values person the micro-budgeted consciousness of a pupil film, portion the communicative arc makes immoderate puzzling choices peculiarly down the stretch.

          Horror ne'er goes retired of style, and acknowledgment successful portion to the aforementioned "It," everything aged with King's imprimatur is either caller again oregon apt soon volition be. Still, "Firestarter" lacks the spark to enactment successful theaters and should adjacent harbor minimal streaming entreaty but possibly for King completists, oregon fearfulness fans who simply person clip to burn.

          "Firestarter" premieres May 13 successful US theaters and connected Peacock. It's rated R.

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