Fisker Reveals Off-Road-Ready Ocean EV ahead of Imminent Deliveries

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  • Fisker has revealed the Ocean Force E, a brawny off-road version of its electric crossover.
  • The Force E wears 33-inch all-terrain tires on its 20-inch three-spoke wheels and features revised bumpers and unique dampers.
  • Fisker is supposed to start delivering the Ocean to U.S. customers in June and promises the Force E will arrive by the end of the year.

UPDATE 8/28/23: Fisker announced that the Force E package will become available in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2024, adding a Fisker-estimated $14,000 to the price of the Ocean. The startup also released new images of the Force E, which have been added to this story.

Fisker just delivered its first electric Ocean SUV last week to a customer in Denmark, after kicking off production in November 2022. But the EV startup is already plotting expansions to its model lineup and has revealed the first images of the Ocean Force E today. This new version of Ocean takes the electric crossover to the extreme with a cornucopia of off-road goodies. Fisker promises to start deliveries in the final quarter this year.

Not many details have revealed about the the Force E just yet, but the images show that it will benefit from loads of extra ground clearance, partly thanks to the 33-inch all-terrain tires. This burly rubber wraps around 20-inch three-spoke wheels sporting an industrial design. Fisker says the Force E is fitted with unique dampers and produces 550 horsepower, the same as other top-spec dual-motor all-wheel drive Oceans. The Force E package can also be retrofitted to any all-wheel-drive Ocean Extreme or Ocean Ultra.

The images also show a revised front bumper packing tow hooks and auxiliary lights, plastic cladding around the wheel wells, and a beefier rear bumper with its own tow hook and reinforced skid plate. A full-length underbody titanium plate shields the battery. An optional roof rack sits atop the Force E in these images, while an optional interior package will add rubber floors, extra grab handles, and tie downs.

Deliveries Possible Starting in June

Fisker still hasn't started deliveries of the Ocean in the United States, stuck in regulatory limbo as it undergoes the homologation process. The company expects to receive approvals from the EPA and CARB later this month, with deliveries beginning in June. Fisker plans to produce between 32,000 and 36,000 units of the Ocean, which will start around $39,000, over the course of 2023.

This story was originally published May 9, 2023.

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