Fisker Teases Its Third Model, a Grand Tourer Called Ronin

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  • Fisker has shown a teaser representation for what volition beryllium its 3rd model, aft the Ocean and the Pear, called Project Ronin.
  • The slinky sports car is aiming to person the longest scope for a accumulation EV and volition see progressive aerodynamics and snazzy doors.
  • A afloat uncover volition travel successful August of 2023, with Fisker aiming for accumulation successful the 2nd fractional of 2024.

    Production of Fisker’s archetypal caller electrical vehicle, the Ocean crossover, is acceptable to statesman this November, but earlier the Ocean officially arrives Fisker has already announced what it hopes volition go its 3rd model. Dubbed Project Ronin, the conveyance volition beryllium an electrical sports car with seating for 4 and melodramatic proportions, arsenic revealed by the accompanying teaser image.

    2023 fisker ocean

    The sanction is simply a notation to the 1998 enactment movie Ronin, starring Robert De Niro and remembered for its realistic car chases featuring European sedans sliding astir Paris and the French countryside. Development of the expansive touring sports car began past year, and Fisker’s lofty extremity is for the Ronin to person “the world's longest scope for a accumulation EV.” That means it volition person to bushed the Lucid Air, which is rated to present up to 520 miles of scope by the EPA. Fisker claims that Project Ronin volition person “an innovative artillery design” that incorporates the artillery battalion into the operation of the vehicle. The sports car volition besides diagnostic progressive aerodynamics and lightweight materials.

    Fisker besides says the Ronin volition person unsocial doors that amended ingress and egress, but didn’t uncover what signifier these apertures volition take. The compartment is described arsenic “a luxurious, sustainable vegan interior.” Fisker says that Project Ronin volition beryllium afloat unveiled successful August 2023, with accumulation opening successful the 2nd fractional of 2024. Before then, Fisker is expected to uncover its 2nd crossover, the Pear, with income besides planned for 2024.

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