Fitbit Tracker Leads To Connecticut Man's Murder Conviction

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VERNON, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut antheral was convicted Tuesday of execution successful the 2015 sidesplitting of his woman — a lawsuit built partially connected grounds provided by her Fitbit workout enactment tracker.

A assemblage successful Rockville Superior Court recovered Richard Dabate blameworthy of each 3 charges — murder, tampering with grounds and making a mendacious connection to authorities — pursuing a five-week proceedings and connected the 2nd time of deliberations. The execution complaint carries up to 60 years successful prison. He is scheduled to beryllium sentenced connected Sept. 16.

Court marshals handcuffed Dabate and led him retired of the courtroom aft Judge Corinne Klatt accrued his enslaved to $5 million. He had been escaped aft posting $1 cardinal bail pursuing his arrest.

Dabate’s lawyer, Trent LaLima, said an entreaty of the convictions is planned.

“I deliberation we enactment connected a precise beardown lawsuit for wherefore Rick did not perpetrate this offense,” helium said extracurricular the courthouse aft the verdicts were announced.

Wayne Rioux, a spokesperson for Connie Dabate’s family, said justness prevailed with the convictions of Richard Dabate.

“The proceedings was not astir Fitbit,” helium said. “The proceedings was astir the cold-blooded, planned execution of Connie Margotta Dabate. ... There volition beryllium nary closure for the Margotta family, but determination is yet justness for Connie.”

Dabate maintained his innocence and testified that a ample masked antheral with a dependable similar histrion Vin Diesel and dressed successful camouflage changeable his wife, Connie Dabate, and tied him up astatine the couple’s Ellington location successful December 2015.

Police said accusation connected Connie Dabate’s Fitbit contradicted her husband’s communicative and showed she was moving astir an hr aft helium said she was killed.

Prosecutor Matthew Gedansky said successful his closing statement that Dabate hatched a program to termination his woman and signifier a location penetration arsenic his beingness was astir to unravel with the commencement of a kid helium was having with different woman.

LaLima questioned the reliability of the information from the Fitbit tracker, saying the devices were not designed with the accuracy needed for tribunal testimony.

LaLima besides pointed to chartless DNA that was recovered successful the Dabates’ home, including connected the weapon that killed Connie, and grounds from a location cleaner, who said they whitethorn person seen a acheronian greenish fig determination past the model astir the clip of the crime.

A assemblage was picked for the lawsuit successful aboriginal 2020, earlier authorities courts unopen down due to the fact that of the coronavirus pandemic. A justice dismissed that assemblage past August, saying it had been empaneled excessively agelong and immoderate jurors had moved retired of state, and a caller sheet was selected opening successful precocious February.

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