Florida Child Stabbed In The Chest By A Catfish Gets Airlifted To The Hospital

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A kid successful Florida was rushed to a infirmary connected Monday aft being stabbed successful the thorax by a catfish, according to officials.

On the mode to the infirmary with the mother, the kid experienced trouble breathing, prompting the ma to propulsion implicit connected “US-19 to telephone for help,” according to a Facebook post from Pasco County Fire Rescue.

Firefighters responded to the call, listing the kid arsenic a trauma alert aft evaluating that the catfish barb was “lodged astir 1-1.5 inches successful the child’s chest.”

The kid was airlifted to St. Joseph’s Hospital successful Tampa.

Corey Dierdorff, a spokesperson for Pasco County Fire Rescue, told Tampa Bay Times it was chartless whether the catfish was venomous. “That’s different crushed they transported successful the mode that they did,” helium said.

Dierdorff besides noted it was not wide however the kid was stabbed by the catfish, calling the incidental “odd.”

“I’ve ne'er heard of thing similar that,” helium said. “You perceive of fisherman that mightiness beryllium chopped by a barb oregon deed successful the backmost of the limb and get an infection, but ne'er heard of 1 penetrating the chest.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission precocious warned fishermen astir the Hardhead Catfish and Gafftopsail Catfish, commonly recovered successful Southwest Florida. The species thin to dwell successful beaches, canals, mangroves, nether docks and different areas wherever brackish waters are found.

Catfish transportation poison successful the spines connected their backmost and broadside fins, not successful their “whiskers,” and their stings whitethorn origin swelling, numbness, fainting oregon a reduced bosom rate, according to the Florida Department of Health.

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