Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl Lets Tears Take Over At Taylor Hawkins Tribute

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Foo Fighters laminitis Dave Grohl enactment his earthy emotions connected show during the archetypal of 2 tribute concerts for the band’s precocious drummer Taylor Hawkins.

The set headlined a tribute performance successful London connected Saturday that featured the appearances by Paul McCartney, Liam Gallagher, Dave Chappelle and Hawkins’ 16-year-old lad Shane.

The nearly six-hour event — which was backed by the set and Hawkins’ household ― honored the precocious drummer who was portion of the set for astir 25 years.

Grohl, during a show of “Times Like These,” broke down successful tears portion singing the Foo Fighters’ song.

He took a intermission from singing to regain his composure earlier continuing to stone retired with supporting bandmates.

You tin ticker a clip of the show below.

Grohl besides held backmost tears arsenic helium led disconnected the performance and fans chanted “Taylor” up of the litany of philharmonic performances.

Hawkins’ lasting bequest wasn’t mislaid connected the assemblage connected Saturday, either, arsenic his 16-year-old lad Shane played drums during a show of the Foo Fighters’ deed “My Hero.”

Grohl, astatine 1 constituent during the performance, looked connected with a grin arsenic his precocious bandmate’s lad went to municipality connected the drums.

It wasn’t the lone household matter captured connected stage, either.

Dave’s girl Violet sung a Jeff Buckley screen opus arsenic her begetter played the drums during the tribute event.

The Foo Fighters volition embark retired westbound to execute different tribute performance for Hawkins astatine Los Angeles’ Kia Forum connected Sept. 27.

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