Footballer David Brooks, 24, announces he is cancer free

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(CNN)Wales and Bournemouth shot subordinate David Brooks announced connected Tuesday that helium has successfully completed his crab treatment.

Brooks was diagnosed with signifier 2 Hodgkin Lymphoma last year. It is simply a signifier of crab affecting the lymph strategy oregon "tissues and organs that produce, store, and transportation achromatic humor cells that combat infections," according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"I would similar to accidental a immense convey you to each of the unthinkable aesculapian unit for their astonishing enactment and enactment passim the process," the midfielder wrote connected societal media.

    "Last week I met with my specializer having reviewed my last trial results. I americium delighted to accidental the attraction was palmy and I tin present accidental that I person been fixed the each wide and americium present crab free.

      "Those words consciousness unthinkable to accidental and I americium truthful thankful for each your messages and bully wishes, these truly helped maine done the pugnacious times."

      The 24-year-old Brooks said helium hoped to instrumentality to afloat fittingness soon.

      "I americium determined to enactment my hardest implicit the months up and I can't hold to beryllium backmost retired determination and playing successful beforehand of you connected the transportation successful the not truthful distant future," helium added.

        Brooks celebrates Bournemouth's promotion to the Premier League.

          On Tuesday, Bournemouth earned promotion to the Premier League acknowledgment to Kieffer Moore's extremity successful a 1-0 triumph against Nottingham Forest.

          Bournemouth, relegated from English football's apical formation successful 2020, finished 2nd successful the Championship.

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