For four years, Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS has been sealed off -- until now. What reporters saw

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This communicative contains graphic descriptions of weapon unit that readers mightiness find disturbing.

(CNN)Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School's 1200 gathering has been sealed since the massacre connected February 14, 2018.

On Thursday, jurors successful the sentencing signifier of the schoolhouse shooter's proceedings walked done the undisturbed scene, wherever the humor of the victims inactive stains schoolroom floors.

Bullet holes besides people the walls of the Parkland, Florida, schoolhouse wherever Nikolas Cruz killed 14 students and 3 unit members.

A fastener of acheronian hairsbreadth remains connected a level much than 4 years aft the assemblage of a unfortunate was taken away. Valentine's Day gifts and cards are strewn about, arsenic shards of solid crunched beneath of the feet of visitors.

These are the unsettling notes from a radical of reporters allowed to participate the gathering aft jurors completed their walk-through to supply details to media outlets crossed the country, including CNN.


We entered from the eastbound stairwell conscionable arsenic Cruz did. In the stairwell wherever Cruz entered and assembled his gun, a stuffed achromatic teddy carnivore laic dirtied connected the level adjacent to a container with Valentine's Hearts connected it, astir apt dropped by a fleeing student.

Everywhere you locomotion passim the gathering determination are shards of breached information solid that crunch loudly arsenic you locomotion implicit them. They are particularly large and crunchy successful the threshold of each door.

ROOM 1218

Brittany Sinitch's English class: No 1 was killed oregon wounded here, but this is wherever Cruz fired archetypal his shots. Textbooks connected the desks were unfastened to a conception discussing Mercutio. A Valentine's teddy carnivore was connected a desk. A 2017 Stoneman Douglas shot poster was connected the partition -- photograph of the squad with the motto: Faith Family Football. A pinkish enactment wishing a Happy Valentine's Day sat connected a table adjacent to a worksheet belonging to pupil Sarah Louis. A wide integrative portion cupful sat half-full connected a desk, its contents present a acheronian brownish sludge. On a table a Valentine's Day paper that reads "I don't conscionable similar you, I really, truly similar you."

ROOM 1215

Study Hall led by Spanish teacher Juletta Matlock: There is dried humor extracurricular the doorway wherever Luke Hoyer, Martin Duque and Gina Montalto were killed. Just wrong the door, immoderate earphones with a agelong cord laic connected the floor. The publication "To Kill a Mockingbird" remains connected a desk. On the partition is simply a poster titled "Let's Guac About It" with basal Spanish words: Padre, Madre, Abuelo, Abuela." On different partition is simply a poster of communal Spanish phrases and colors.

ROOM 1213 -- Ronit Reoven's AP Psychology class:

On the acold partition distant from the doorway is simply a array with a ample excavation of blood. This is wherever Carmen Schentrup died from a slug coiled to the head. She and the children hid down the teacher's desk, which is successful the southeast country of the room. In beforehand of the table wherever Maddy Wilford laic wounded, the teacher's table telephone laic connected the floor. On the walls down the table are photos of what appears to beryllium the teacher's household and a 8 X 10 drafting of President Trump with the saying "We volition triumph successful everything we do." On the northbound partition is simply a bulletin committee with astir 2 twelve wallet size photos of students. A lone achromatic sneaker remains connected the floor.


Hixon, aft helium was changeable dashing done the westbound door, took screen successful an alcove successful beforehand of the elevator astir 20 feet from the door. Cruz changeable him a 2nd clip arsenic helium passed, but helium remained live and spent astir 10 minutes trying to get up, according to video played successful court. There is simply a ample bloodstain connected the level and connected the wall. A achromatic rubber shoe, possibly, a Croc, laic connected the level there.

Room 1214 -- "The Holocaust Room" - Teacher Ivy Schamis' room

She taught Holocaust Studies. This is wherever Nick Dworet and Helena Ramsay died.

On the whiteboard is the hashtag #TogetherWeRemember. There are besides references to eyewitness accounts. On a array are 2 yellowed Sun Sentinel newspapers, determination are slug onslaught marks connected desks, laptops inactive open, headphones, and a h2o vessel inactive connected a desk. On the level is simply a tossed 2017-2018 schoolhouse twelvemonth planner. Blood-stained markings wherever Dworet and Ramsay died. Their humor coats a publication called "Tell Them We Remember" by Susan Bachrach and "Listen to the Wind" by Greg Mortenson There is simply a Holocaust motion connected a bulletin committee with the words "we volition ne'er forget". One table had a achromatic plug and earbuds connected top. Indicating the accelerated mode everything unfolded

The learning nonsubjective connected the committee "To beryllium alert of the satellite and its surroundings."

Room 1216

No 1 schoolroom had arsenic galore of the murdered and wounded arsenic Dara Hass' English class. A bluish folder with Alaina Petty's sanction inactive connected the table - close down that - betwixt the teacher's table and the partition is simply a ample bloodstain. Bullet holes successful the walls.

Right adjacent to the bloodstain connected the level wherever Alyssa Alhadeff and Alaina Petty died - is simply a handwritten insubstantial astir Malala Yousafzai - "the miss who wanted to spell to school" - the insubstantial goes connected to accidental "a slug went consecutive to her caput but not her brain" ending with "In conclusion, we the radical should person state for education."

(Note: Malala is the Pakistani miss who was changeable by the Taliban - she has fought to advocator for acquisition entree for girls and women).

Essays written by the students stay connected their desks, ne'er to beryllium recovered. "We spell to schoolhouse each time of the week and we instrumentality it each for granted," 1 pupil wrote. "We outcry and kick without knowing however fortunate we are to beryllium capable to learn."

On furniture doors, a erstwhile duty is connected display. It shows headstones with epitaphs written by the students.

"R.I.P. Here lies pretty."

"R.I.P. Here lies funny."

"R.I.P. Here lies nice."

Next to a footwear connected the crushed is simply a pinkish Valentine's Day stuffed carnal and balloons.

The pooling of humor looks aged, dark, caked, flaky.

Desks are covered successful a bladed furniture of dust, a landline telephone lays upside connected the ground.

At Alex Schachter's table - a bloodstain connected different broadside of metallic barroom that connects the integrative spot to the desk.


Near westbound stairs - wherever Hixon was changeable - determination is simply a discarded shoe.


Quote connected hallway betwixt rooms 1221 and 1229

"Dream arsenic if you'll unrecorded forever, unrecorded arsenic if you'll dice today." -James Dean

Further down the hallway it reads:

"Never unrecorded successful the past but ever Lear signifier it." - anonymous

Room 1230

A ample bosom shaped container of Valentine's Day chocolates connected a desk.

On different an unfastened pen and pencil case.

Room 1232

Calculators inactive connected desks, spiral notebooks inactive unfastened to mathematics subject, students were moving connected algebra problems.

Room 1231

Clustered Desks

"Class of 2018" photos of students successful casual settings (not ceremonial pics).


Room 1256, Scott Beigel's classroom:

Entering the hallway from the eastbound broadside stairs, the archetypal happening you spot is simply a excavation of caked humor that's overmuch smaller than others. This is wherever Scott Beigel's assemblage fell successful beforehand of schoolroom 1256. Unlike different rooms, the model connected his doorway is intact. Beigel died holding the doorway open. His assemblage blocked the doorway from closing. The children hiding successful the beforehand of his country were vulnerable, but Cruz did not take to participate it.

Plastic satellite maps astir the size of a placemat connected astir desks. There were 3 partition clocks lying look down by the door. On Beigel's table were worksheets comparing Christianity and Islam. On the whiteboard, notes connected the 2018 Winter Olympics medal-winners. A deflated Valentine's Day balloon laic connected the ground.

Room 1255, Stacey Lippel's classroom:

The doorway is pushed unfastened -- similar others to signify that Cruz changeable into it -- and a "No Bully Zone" hangs connected the inside. The originative penning duty for the time is written connected the whiteboard: "How to constitute the cleanable emotion letter."

The teacher's table is to the near and 1 tin ideate students huddled down it. The desks are successful disarray, immoderate pushed connected apical of each different from what was described successful grounds arsenic a huffy unreserved backmost to get backmost inside. Atop 1 table is an enviable Valentine's Day dispersed -- a ample acquisition container with tissues stuffed wrong it, a container of round, silver-wrapped candies, and a heart-shaped box.

Moving down the hallway, dry, cracked roseate petals mixed with the solid shards lend a cinematic consciousness to the scene. There's a ample excavation of humor successful the mediate of the third-floor hallway wherever Anthony Borges was injured. A motion supra the h2o fountains has a punctuation from Star Wars' Yoda: "Do oregon bash not. There is nary try."

Beneath the h2o fountains, 3 ample pools of dried humor people the spots to wherever authorities dragged the bodies of Cara Loughran, Meadow Pollack, and Joaquin Oliver. A faint way of humor traces the way of the girls' bodies from the alcove wherever their bodies fell aft being shot. A excavation of humor is observed successful the alcove extracurricular 1249 wherever Pollack and Loughran died. They remained there, injured, aft the remainder of the radical that was huddled successful the alcove with Ernie Rospierski fled down the hallway. Then Cruz returned and changeable them again.

ROOM 1249, Ernie Rospierski

There is an unfinished chess game. A person of Peter Yang testified they were playing a crippled erstwhile the occurrence alarm went off.

Room 1250

Valentine's Day balloons, angiosperm petals, stuffed achromatic bear.

One of the astir disturbing sights is the alcove extracurricular the bath wherever Joaquin Oliver died. There's a ample excavation of humor and holes from bullets that were fired astatine him astatine adjacent range. There are humor drops starring into the alcove from the archetypal shots wherever helium was wounded. But astir of the humor is from erstwhile Cruz caught up to Oliver successful the alcove and fired. We cognize from the grounds that Oliver was conscious aft helium was hit. He could not tally erstwhile the others fled. He heard Cruz coming. He heard the shots into Pollack and Loughran. He knew helium was next. We cognize from grounds that helium held his hands up to support himself. Two bullets successful the partition amusement however vain that effort was. There's a fastener of acheronian hairsbreadth connected the level adjacent wherever his assemblage would person been. The country of a heart-shaped insubstantial Valentine's Day decoration (perhaps was a card) is collapsed, presumably was drenched with humor

Moving down the hallway toward the westbound wall, bullets scraped against the southbound walls, an denotation that Cruz was aiming for the fleeing students and not conscionable randomly firing up of him.

We spot the country successful beforehand of the stairwell wherever Peter Wang fell aft being changeable arsenic helium ran down the hallway. The partition is drawn into squares resembling hunt quadrants. It is stained with acheronian splotches of humor and yellow-greenish worldly that was described successful grounds arsenic encephalon matter. Pin-sized holes successful the partition person circles drawn astir them and are marked "fragment D" and "fragment F."

There are six slug holes successful the model supra wherever Wang died. Cruz tried to stroke the windows retired to sprout the fleeing students.

Jaime Guttenberg was struck extracurricular the stairwell but fell inside. There is precise small humor wherever she fell. The slug ne'er near her body.

In the teacher's lounge, a windowpane facing the 1300 gathering has 4 slug holes. Another windowpane adjacent to it has different slug hole. These place the courtyard and a parking batch wherever students were fleeing.

A poster adjacent to a windowpane reads similar so:

"Typical oregon Troubled?

Notice: Notice if you are seeing troubling signs successful a student.

Talk: Talk with the pupil

Act: Share observations with schoolhouse intelligence wellness staff

Changing a life's course.

School Social Work 754-321-1618

Family Counseling 754-321-1590

Broward Public Schools"

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