For mom: NFL head coach Todd Bowles gets college degree 37 years after leaving school

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(CNN)Almost 4 decades aft helium near Temple University to prosecute his nonrecreational shot dream, Tampa Bay Buccaneers caput manager Todd Bowles fulfilled a committedness helium made to his precocious parent by earning his bachelor's grade past week.

Mount St. Mary's University successful Maryland announced Tuesday that Bowles earned a Bachelor of Science grade successful younker and assemblage improvement and plans to instrumentality portion successful the university's commencement successful May.

"Completing my grade (after a 37-year gap) was thing I had ever wanted to bash implicit the years due to the fact that it was thing I had promised my parent erstwhile I went to play successful the NFL, and I wanted to travel done connected that promise," Bowles said.

    According to the university, Bowles restarted his grade pursuit successful the summertime of 2020 -- conscionable earlier the commencement of the Buccaneers' Super Bowl-winning season -- taking online courses.

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      The NFL manager gave recognition to his agent, Anthony Agnone, a 1975 Mount Saint Mary's alumnus, with the thought to implicit his assemblage pledge.

      Bowles said, "Over the years, arsenic I became a father, it became thing I wanted to bash successful bid to acceptable a due illustration for my sons arsenic they proceed connected their acquisition paths. I person besides worked beauteous extensively with children done my assorted assemblage projects, and I felt it was important to amusement them they tin execute immoderate they acceptable their caput to."

      Bowles is successful his archetypal play arsenic the Buccaneers' caput manager aft 3 seasons arsenic the Bucs' antiaircraft coordinator.

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        "Congrats connected earning your degree, manager Bowles!" the squad tweeted.

        He was the caput manager of the New York Jets for 4 seasons from 2015-2018.

        Bowles was a four-year starter arsenic a antiaircraft backmost astatine Temple during the 1980s. He signed arsenic a escaped cause with the Washington Redskins successful 1985, according to Temple.

        He played 8 seasons successful the NFL with the Redskins, wherever helium was a starter connected their Super Bowl XXII-winning squad and the San Francisco 49ers from 1986-1993.

          His mother, Joan, died successful 2009, according to a 2015 New York Times article that reported Bowles "inherited his resoluteness from his mother, who, aft divorcing his father, raised 4 children portion juggling jobs arsenic a librarian and pharmaceutical laboratory assistant."

          Joan Bowles besides had a argumentation of homework earlier sports play, the Times reported.

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