“for my future babies,” a Poem by India Lena González

2 months ago 42

the heartbeats in the room
have mostly disappeared but
this patch of forest is mine to give you

to my sons
it’s been whole lemons & strawberries

having such little bodies
to dedicate my time to
all our baths

pink calamine like dalmatian spots
your growing into ankles

i hope you recall your childhood
as watercolors out back
as long hair being combed through

to my daughter
you are cool light
before the sun dies

(o how i revere you!)

how you take your earthen feet
crawl your way up my bare legs
to my stomach to my chest

when we are face to face
you rub my head with honeyed hands
give me a quick kiss before climbing bigger trees

darlings, would you believe me if i told you
that i’ve stretched my arms
so long
to hold you throughout

that i was born pregnant
with the very vision of


From fox woman get out! by India Lena González. Copyright © 2023. Available from BOA Editions, Ltd.

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