Ford Reveals F-150 Lightning Pro SSV, the EV Truck's Police Model

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  • Ford has conscionable revealed its archetypal electrical constabulary truck, the F-150 Lightning Pro SSV, claiming it volition assistance trim costs and summation ratio for constabulary departments.
  • Among the purpose-designed features, the SSV volition travel with police-grade heavy-duty cloth seats that diagnostic little bolsters to let officers to participate and exit the conveyance much easily.
  • Ford has not released accusation regarding pricing oregon erstwhile the SSV volition commencement to spell connected merchantability and vessel to constabulary departments astir the U.S.

    Sometimes cars are truthful bully astatine what they bash they go the archetypal representation successful your caput erstwhile you perceive that thing. For constabulary cars, that is easy the Crown Vic. Of course, constabulary departments person had different choices, including constabulary cruisers similar the Dodge Charger Pursuit vehicles. Many departments are besides leaning toward the do-it-all capabilities offered by trucks. They should beryllium funny successful the caller constabulary mentation of the F-150 Lightning, the Pro SSV (for Special Service Vehicle), and it volition beryllium absorbing to spot however galore municipalities volition go aboriginal adopters of the EV arsenic constabulary vehicle.

    The SSV mentation of the Lightning is not truthful antithetic from the EV pickup it's based on, itself precise caller connected the market. The 12.0-inch show successful the halfway of the dash is the aforesaid recovered successful the mean Lightning. Performance numbers stay the aforesaid crossed the lineup arsenic well, with 452 horsepower retired of the standard-range battery, and 580 crime-fighting horses from extended-range models. Also shared with the mean Lightning is the claimed 4.0-second clip to 60 mph, which would bushed each constabulary vehicles but the Ford Mustang Mach-E constabulary prototype tested by the Michigan State Police, besides astatine 40 seconds to 60 mph. Range figures are apt to beryllium akin to the modular Lightning astatine 230 miles for the smaller pack, 320 for the larger, though nonstop numbers person not been confirmed.

    The SSV volition travel equipped with the aforesaid "police-grade heavy-duty" cloth seats from the F-150 Police Responder on with the expected roof-mounted LED informing beacons and alloy "intrusion plates" successful the beforehand seatbacks. And it volition person the Lightning's overmuch discussed Pro Power Onboard, which Ford notes could service arsenic a mobile powerfulness root astatine mishap scenes.

    More to the point, Ford says the caller electrical pickups volition usage Ford Pro software—which it says 12,000 constabulary departments are already using—that volition integrate "seamlessly" with absorption of existing internal-combustion constabulary vehicles successful a department's fleet. Ford besides intends to connection municipal indebtedness programs to assistance constabulary departments get charging stations purchased, installed, and operational.

    Ford has yet to merchandise details regarding pricing oregon transportation dates for the Lightning SSV, though much details are expected immoderate clip aboriginal this summer. Range figures should besides beryllium released astatine that time.

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