Ford SuperVan 4 EV with Nearly 2000 HP Debuts at Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Superman IV was a disastrous extremity to a beloved movie bid from the 1970s, turning heads for each the incorrect reasons. The SuperVan 4, connected the different hand, is turning heads for each the close ones arsenic an astonishing summation to a beloved, if wholly ridiculous, bid of vehicles started successful the 1970s.

Ford unveiled the Frankensteinian matrimony betwixt its Performance part and a astir unrecognizable E-Transit Custom assemblage connected June 23 astatine the Goodwood Festival of Speed, wherever it volition amusement disconnected its because-we-can container of tricks for the archetypal time.

1971 ford supervan
The archetypal SuperVan.


Officially known arsenic the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan, the SuperVan 4 is the 4th Ford inferior van to beryllium retrofitted with a race-car-caliber powertrain, aft the archetypal SuperVan stuck a Transit bodyshell connected a GT40 chassis backmost successful 1971. This time, though, Ford Performance collaborated with Austria-based electrical contention and rally specialists STARD to bring the super-powered show-and-tell vans into the aboriginal with an all-electric design.

The SuperVan 4 harnesses the capabilities of a mid-mounted 50.0-kWh liquid-cooled battery, located wherever erstwhile SuperVans' ICEs were, to powerfulness 4 electrical motors that committedness to present 1973 horses and a zero-to-62-mph clip of nether 2 seconds via an all-wheel-drive system. The SuperVan 4 comes implicit with a afloat rotation cage and racing seats built to FIA standards, arsenic good arsenic motorsport-grade brakes.

ford supervan 4 cockpit


It besides utilizes a Sync display, not lone to bash the regular worldly but besides to power the SuperVan 4's funky driving modes and transmit real-time information for optimal performance, conscionable arsenic racing teams do. The aforementioned driving modes see road, track, drag, drift, and rally modes, positive a "Tyre Cleaning mode" that brakes 1 axle and spins the other, ostensibly to cleanable and lukewarm the tires earlier show runs; head-turning burnouts are conscionable a bonus.

However, each these high-tech components are not truthful overmuch contained successful a Transit Custom—which Ford brags is Europe's bestselling van—as they are housed by a alloy spaceframe and composite assemblage panels made to look similar a Transit-inspired spaceship. While distinctly van-shaped, the SuperVan 4 has extravagantly futuristic styling courtesy of Ford's Cologne, Germany-based plan team. It features a beforehand splitter, rear wing, dorsal fin, and immense cutaways to make much downforce, arsenic good arsenic neon-green accents and a beforehand airy barroom for exotic flair.

ford supervan 4


Still, the SuperVan 4 has a cargo abstraction down the operator and a sliding doorway to load it, lest you hide that the "van" constituent of the SuperVan is conscionable arsenic important arsenic the "super" component. Ford adjacent intends to adhd an electromagnetic cargo-securing system, due to the fact that God forbid cargo displacement adjacent somewhat astatine supersonic speeds.

To enactment the fantastical contraption to the trial astatine Goodwood, Le Mans–winning operator Romain Dumas is suiting up successful the cockpit of the SuperVan 4. Aside from his multitudinous endurance-racing accomplishments, Dumas has besides acceptable outright records astatine Goodwood and Pikes Peak successful the afloat electric Volkswagen I.D. R.

Who knows, possibly a caller grounds could beryllium connected the timepiece erstwhile the SuperVan 4 climbs the elevation this weekend. Regardless, the ludicrous but amusive container of velocity volition surely beryllium thing to watch.

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