Former All Black Carl Hayman diagnosed with early onset dementia

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(Reuters)Former New Zealand prop Carl Hayman has been diagnosed with aboriginal onset dementia astatine the property of 41, shining the spotlight connected concussion-related unwellness successful erstwhile rugby players.

Hayman, who played the past of his 45 tests astatine the 2007 World Cup, revealed to New Zealand athletics website 'The Bounce' helium had besides been diagnosed with probable chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

"I spent respective years reasoning I was going crazy. At 1 stage, that's genuinely what I thought," Hayman said.

    "It was the changeless headaches and each these things going connected that I couldn't understand."

      Hayman, whose playing vocation ended six years agone with French nine Toulon, struggled with intoxicant maltreatment successful caller years and was fixed a suspended situation condemnation successful France successful 2019 aft admitting to charges of home violence.

      Hayman, pictured during his clip  arsenic  a Pau adjunct  coach, has joined a class-action suit  against rugby federations alleging they failed to support   players from the risks of concussion.

      He has joined a class-action suit being prepared by erstwhile players alleging rugby federations, including planetary governing assemblage World Rugby, of failing to support them from the risks of concussion.

      Many erstwhile rugby players person been diagnosed with imperishable encephalon damage, aboriginal onset dementia, slump oregon symptoms and signs of CTE, which tin lone beryllium diagnosed aft death.

      World Rugby has introduced stricter concussion protocols successful caller years and successful July said it would spouse with autarkic healthcare experts, unions and subordinate associations to connection encephalon wellness attraction to erstwhile players arsenic portion of a caller payment plan.

      Hayman said helium had hesitated earlier accepting offers to person his encephalon tested for damage.

        "I um'd and ah'd for astir 12 months astir whether I'd bash thing astir it and find retired if thing was incorrect with me, oregon whether I would conscionable get connected with beingness and anticipation for the best," helium said.

        "It would beryllium beauteous selfish of maine to not talk up and speech astir my acquisition erstwhile I could assistance a feline successful New Zealand possibly who doesn't recognize what's happening to him and has nary enactment web to thin on."

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