Former journalist Peter Jouvenal among five UK nationals to be released in Afghanistan

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(CNN)Businessman and erstwhile cameraman Peter Jouvenal is among 5 British nationals to beryllium released successful Afghanistan, his woman Hassina Syed told CNN.

"We are thrilled Peter is coming home. Thanks to the Afghan medication for releasing him," Syed said connected Monday.

Jouvenal was detained by the Taliban successful mid-December. He was visiting Afghanistan connected business, according to his wife. Along with the 4 different British citizens, helium had been held for six months by the Taliban.

    Jouvenal antecedently owned the Gandamack Lodge, a edifice successful Afghanistan's superior Kabul fashionable with journalists, assistance workers and diplomats, which opened successful 2002 aft the Taliban was toppled by US forces. It closed successful 2014.

      At slightest  6 British citizens and 1 American are being held by the Taliban successful  Afghanistan

      Jouvenal filmed CNN's interrogation with Osama bin Laden successful 1997. He had covered the wars successful Afghanistan since the Soviet concern of Afghanistan during the 1980s.

      Earlier connected Monday, the UK's Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, announced the authorities had secured the merchandise of 5 British nationals detained successful Afghanistan.

      "They volition soon beryllium reunited with their families. I americium grateful for the hard enactment of British diplomats to unafraid this outcome," she said.

        However, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) made nary notation to the British nationals' individuality successful its statement.

        Earlier connected Monday, the FCDO said successful a connection that the British nationals' question to Afghanistan was a "mistake," adding that they had gone determination against authorities proposal and apologized for immoderate breach of Afghan civilization oregon laws.

        Afghan American naval reservist who was held by Taliban details instrumentality    location  successful  archetypal  interrogation  since release

        "The UK authorities regrets this episode," the FCDO said.

        Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid confirmed the merchandise of the 5 British nationals connected Monday.

        "A fig of British nationals who had been progressive successful activities that were against the laws and traditions of Afghan radical were detained astir six months back," Mujahid wrote connected his authoritative Twitter account.

        "After repeated talks and meetings betwixt the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the British side, yesterday they were released and handed implicit to their country, according to an agreement."

          The detained nationals person "pledged to adhere to the laws of Afghanistan, the traditions and civilization of the radical and won't interruption them again," said Mujahid, who besides said that Afghanistan was a harmless place.

          "Afghanistan is harmless for all, anyone tin travel to Afghanistan for foundation works and tourism," helium said.

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