Four Egyptian officers face Italian trial over Regeni murder

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A antheral holds a placard during a vigil to commemorate Giulio Regeni, who was recovered murdered successful Cairo, successful downtown Rome, Italy January 25, 2017. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

  • Student Regeni recovered dormant successful 2016, had been tortured
  • Egyptian officials, constabulary contradict immoderate engagement successful killing
  • Italy says proceedings important to uphold regularisation of law

ROME, Oct 14 (Reuters) - Four elder members of Egypt's information services volition basal proceedings successful absentia successful an Italian tribunal connected Thursday implicit their suspected relation successful the disappearance and execution of pupil Giulio Regeni successful Cairo successful 2016.

Italy hopes the proceedings volition shed airy connected a sidesplitting that shocked the state and strained ties with Egypt, which has repeatedly denied that its officials had thing to bash with Regeni's brutal death.

"The hunt for the information has ever been, and volition proceed to be, a cardinal extremity successful our relations with Egypt," Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio told a parliamentary committee of enquiry into the lawsuit past month.

"Achieving a definitive picture, successful the model of a just trial, volition not bring Giulio backmost to his parents, but it volition reaffirm the spot of justice, transparency and the regularisation of instrumentality successful which helium believed."

A postgraduate pupil astatine Britain's Cambridge University, Regeni disappeared successful the Egyptian superior successful January 2016. His assemblage was recovered astir a week aboriginal and a post-mortem introspection showed helium had been extensively tortured earlier his death.

Italian and Egyptian prosecutors investigated the lawsuit together, but the 2 sides aboriginal fell retired and came to precise antithetic conclusions.


Italian prosecutors accidental Major Magdi Sharif, from Egypt's General Intelligence, Major General Tarek Sabir, the erstwhile caput of authorities security, constabulary Colonel Hisham Helmy and Colonel Ather Kamal, a erstwhile caput of investigations successful Cairo city, were liable for the "aggravated kidnapping" of Regeni.

Sharif has besides been accused of "conspiracy to perpetrate aggravated murder".

The suspects person ne'er responded publically to the accusations and Egyptian constabulary and officials person repeatedly denied immoderate engagement successful Regeni's disappearance and killing. work much

Court-appointed defence lawyers accidental the proceedings should not beryllium held due to the fact that it is not definite that immoderate of the suspects cognize astir the proceedings. However, a justice overruled their objection astatine a preliminary proceeding successful May, saying quality of the probe would person reached them regardless.

Regeni had been successful Cairo to probe Egypt's autarkic unions for his doctoral thesis. Associates accidental helium was besides funny successful the long-standing domination of Egypt's system by the authorities and military. Both subjects are delicate successful Egypt.

Prosecutors accidental they person grounds showing that Sharif got informants to travel Regeni and yet had him arrested successful a Cairo metro station. The complaint expanse says Sharif, and other, unidentified Egyptian officials, past tortured Regeni implicit respective days, causing him "acute carnal suffering".

Egyptian authorities initially said Regeni died successful a roadworthy accident. They aboriginal said helium was the unfortunate of a kidnapping by gangsters who were subsequently caught and killed by police.

It is not wide however agelong the proceedings volition last. The authorities has said it volition question to extradict anyone convicted successful the case.

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