Fox News Fear Mongers With Wild Claim About Protesting Parents And Guantanamo Bay

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Conservative fear-mongering implicit the Justice Department’s bid to monitor threats to teachers and schoolhouse officials got kicked up different level connected Fox News connected Monday.

Republican Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, appearing connected “The Faulkner Focus,” envisioned it ending with parents who talk retired against COVID-19 vaccine mandates oregon the teaching of captious contention mentation being sent to Guantanamo Bay.

Host Harris Faulkner did thing to dampen Brnovich’s sensationalized prediction, alternatively conscionable agreeing it was “outrageous.”

“Could that truly happen?” Faulkner asked Brnovich.

“We are surviving successful a clip wherever we request to marque definite that we are protecting our law rights connected each azygous level,” helium responded.

Faulkner “said it was “interesting due to the fact that you accidental 1 leads to the other. That sounds similar a slippery slope, which is however you got there.”

Watch the clip here:

Fox News fear-mongering: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich tells Harris Faulkner the Biden medication is going to nonstop "mom and popular astatine Gitmo" implicit schoolhouse committee threats.

Faulkner's response: "That is outrageous — could that truly happen?"

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