Freight train derailed and burned in southern Chile amid indigenous conflict

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SANTIAGO, Nov 2 (Reuters) - A freight bid successful confederate Chile was derailed and immoderate of its cargo units burned by chartless assailants connected Tuesday, officials said, amid tensions betwixt the authorities and the section Mapuche indigenous radical demanding the instrumentality of ancestral lands.

The onslaught connected the train, which had been carrying cellulose utilized to marque paper, happened successful the South Macrozone country of Victoria, which has been nether a authorities of exigency owed to the conflict.

"We person burned machinery and locomotive cars that transported cellulose from Valdivia to the Concepcion area," Victor Manoli, statesmanlike delegate to the area, told reporters. Images of the derailed and inactive smoking wagons circulated connected societal media and section TV.

"We indispensable admit that what we are experiencing contiguous are acts of terrorism," Manoli added.

The authoritative said that truthful acold nary 1 had claimed work for the attack, which caused a suspension of bid work from the municipality of Victoria and Temuco to the determination superior of La Araucania.

La Araucania is location to Mapuche communities that are reclaiming lands that person been turned implicit to companies successful the forestry sector. In caller years, sabotage has accrued successful the portion with the burning of houses, trucks and machinery.

Reporting by Fabian Cambero, penning by Hugh Bronstein Editing by Marguerita Choy

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