Freshman hits hole-in-one at his first golf meet

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - Iowa City West freshman Jack Jensen-Fitzpatrick playing successful his archetypal precocious schoolhouse play conscionable astatine Airport National got disconnected to a shaky start.

“Not ideal,” was however Jensen-Fitzpatrick described it. “I volition instrumentality it but I would’ve liked to of done better. Then I came up and deed a large shot.”

“A large shot” is an understatement. Jack teed up the shot connected the 233 gait par 4 21st hole, and deed the cleanable drive.

“I really said to the buddy I was playing ‘watch maine marque this spread successful one,’” Jensen-Fitzpatrick said. “I really didn’t I saw it erstwhile we went up to the green.”

He made the ace successful his archetypal precocious schoolhouse play meet.

“I saw it successful the spread and I was similar nary way. I screamed it and I deliberation everyone heard it. I thought I was dreaming.”

The likelihood of getting a spread successful 1 connected a par 4 are beauteous rare.

“We looked it up and the PGA says it’s 1 and 6 cardinal and lone 1 PGA pros ever done it,” Jensen-Fitzpatrick said. “This is simply a shorter spread but I would accidental I had luck astatine my side.”

So however bash observe aft you deed a spread successful 1 successful your archetypal precocious schoolhouse meet.

“We bought basal beers for the squad and the different team,” helium said. “It volition beryllium a time I volition ne'er forget.”

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