Friend Who Bought Gun For Rittenhouse is First Trial Witness

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U.S.|The person who bought the limb utilized by Kyle Rittenhouse was the archetypal witnesser to testify.

Dominick Black was sworn successful  to attest  successful  the Kyle Rittenhouse proceedings  connected  Tuesday.
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  • Nov. 2, 2021, 6:03 p.m. ET

The prosecution successful Kyle Rittenhouse’s homicide proceedings called arsenic its archetypal witnesser connected Tuesday the person who bought the military-style semiautomatic firearm that Mr. Rittenhouse utilized to sprout 3 people, 2 of them fatally, during the unrest successful Kenosha past year.

The friend, Dominick Black, present 20, acknowledged that helium was cooperating with prosecutors successful hopes of avoiding prison. Mr. Black faces 2 felony charges for giving the weapon to Mr. Rittenhouse, who was 17 astatine the clip and excessively young to bargain it legally himself.

Mr. Black testified that helium dated Mr. Rittenhouse’s sister and that helium and the suspect erstwhile considered each different brothers.

Mr. Black told the tribunal that helium bought the weapon and stored it astatine his stepfather’s location for Mr. Rittenhouse. He recalled that connected the time of the shooting successful August 2020, helium and Mr. Rittenhouse had gone to downtown Kenosha together, with Mr. Black carrying a astir identical weapon of his own. He said they had cleaned graffiti there, earlier yet joining different men guarding respective used-car lots. People had acceptable occurrence to cars astatine 1 of the tons earlier successful the unrest.

Thomas Binger, an adjunct territory lawyer and the pb prosecutor, emphasized the differences betwixt Mr. Black’s actions that nighttime and Mr. Rittenhouse’s actions. Mr. Black testified that helium stayed connected the extortion of a gathering astatine 1 of the car lots, due to the fact that helium thought helium would beryllium safer determination than mingling with agitated crowds that included radical who were lighting fires and throwing rocks.

Mr. Rittenhouse, by contrast, was retired connected the thoroughfare erstwhile helium changeable the men. Mr. Black did not witnesser immoderate of the shootings.

“Did you ever see utilizing your weapon to sprout anyone?” Mr. Binger asked.

“No,” Mr. Black answered.

Mr. Rittenhouse’s pb defence lawyer, Mark Richards, utilized his cross-examination to constituent retired Mr. Black’s admitted involvement successful testifying. Mr. Richards besides drew retired grounds from Mr. Black that different radical who were with Mr. Rittenhouse and Mr. Black that nighttime had suggested that Mr. Rittenhouse enactment retired connected the street, due to the fact that helium was acting arsenic a medic. Mr. Black besides testified that idiosyncratic from their radical told Mr. Rittenhouse to spell and support the batch wherever Mr. Rittenhouse changeable Joseph Rosenbaum, 36.

Mr. Richards asked Mr. Black if helium tried to halt his person from going downtown with a gun.

“I didn’t accidental anything,” Mr. Black said.

For their 2nd witness, prosecutors called an F.B.I. agent, Brandon Cramin, to attest astir aerial surveillance of the protestation connected the nighttime of the shooting.

After Agent Cramin took the stand, prosecutors played a grainy black-and-white video taken from an airplane flying 8,500 feet overheard, according to a excavation report.

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