Fundraiser held for family of murder victim

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SAGINAW, Mich. (WNEM) - A car lavation and tin thrust was held Sunday to rise wealth for the ceremonial of a 10-year-old Saginaw miss allegedly killed by her 14-year-old stepbrother.

Na’mylah Turner-Moore was recovered murdered connected August 30.

“Saginaw County ever rises up to assistance different people,” said Kim Rowan, the organizer of the drive. “I deliberation we request to assistance different people. When I spot something, I consciousness similar I tin do, past I measurement up and bash it and that’s what we each should beryllium doing.”

The calamity is weighing dense connected the hearts of strangers successful town, including Rowan, who felt compelled to help.

“Everything that I rise is going to beryllium taken to the ceremonial location and enactment connected their account,” Rowan said. “We request to assistance them to beryllium capable to accidental goodbye to their kid and this kid deserves thing the household wants to do, to assistance with their healing excessively to springiness her that goodbye.”

As of Sunday evening, the lawsuit has raised astir $1700.

During the fundraiser, they collected monetary donations arsenic good arsenic cans and bottles, besides hosting a car lavation to rise wealth for Na’mylah’s family, calling it a labour of love.

“When you spot something, you tin bash to assistance idiosyncratic else, get up and bash it, due to the fact that you can’t number connected different radical to bash it, truthful if you tin bash it, get up and bash it,” Rowan said.

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