Funerals held for three killed in Israeli Independence Day attack as police hunt suspects

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Elad, Israel (CNN)Three men killed successful a weapon and axe onslaught Thursday nighttime successful the central Israeli metropolis of Elad were buried Friday pursuing a immense ceremonial procession, the Israeli rescue work Zaka Tel Aviv said.

The Magen David Adom exigency work named them arsenic Oren Ben Yiftach, a begetter of six; Yonatan Habakkuk, a begetter of five; and Boaz Gol, a begetter of five. All were successful their 40s, the MDA said earlier.

Police said the incident, which took spot connected Israeli Independence Day, progressive 2 suspected attackers who fled the country and are yet to beryllium apprehended. One fired a firearm portion the different attacked radical with an axe oregon a knife, constabulary said.

    Emergency services received a study of the onslaught astatine 8:36 p.m. section clip (1:36 p.m ET).

      The 3 men who were killed died astatine the scene, exigency services said. Four different men aged betwixt 23 and 60 were hospitalized.

      Israel and the West Bank are connected  borderline   again. Here are 5  things you request   to know

      The hospitals treating them said Friday that 3 were successful life-threatening conditions.

      On Friday, Israeli constabulary named the 2 men suspected of carrying retired the onslaught arsenic 19-year-old Assad Yussef Assad Al-Rafa'i and 20-year-old Subhi Imad Subhi Abu Shakir, residents of Jenin state successful the West Bank.

        Police are conducting a manhunt for the 2 suspects involving helicopters, roadworthy blocks and conveyance checkpoints.

        Pictures from the country Thursday nighttime showed aggregate exigency vehicles including ambulances and motorcycles arriving aft reports of the attack.

        "This is simply a precise hard event. When we arrived astatine the spot we noticed that it was a analyzable scene," Alon Rizkan, a paramedic from Israel's exigency effect work Magen David Adom (MDA), said successful a connection Thursday.

        "Near the quadrate successful Ibn Gvirol, a 40-year-old antheral was lying adjacent to a car with superior injuries to his body. We performed aesculapian tests but helium was without signs of beingness and we had to state his death.

        "I went down the stairs to the adjacent park, we performed resuscitation operations connected a 40-year-old antheral who was unconscious and successful the extremity we were forced to state his death," the paramedic added.

        "Tens of meters away, different wounded antheral laic unconscious, besides successful his 40s with superior injuries, and aft resuscitation, helium was pronounced dead," helium said.

        Elad, wherever the onslaught took place, is simply a quiet, tiny and mostly spiritual municipality successful cardinal Israel not acold from Ben Gurion International airport.

        Israeli Security and rescue unit   enactment    astatine  the country   pursuing  the incidental  Thursday.

        Calls for bid amid escalating violence

        The onslaught marks the latest successful a bid of violent incidents that person enactment Israel and the Palestinian territories connected borderline successful caller weeks.

        Dozens person died successful the unit successful Israel and the West Bank since March 22, according to a CNN count.

        In a statement, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett condemned Thursday's attack, and offered his condolences to the families affected.

        "Our enemies person embarked connected a murderous run against Jews wherever they are. Their extremity is to interruption our spirit; but they volition fail. We volition get our hands connected the terrorists and their supportive environment, and guarantee they wage the price," Bennett said successful the statement.

        Israel confirmed it volition support Gaza and the West Bank sealed astatine slightest done Sunday pursuing the attack, extending closures already successful spot for Israeli holidays.

        The Israeli Defense Forces said Palestinians surviving successful those territories would lone beryllium allowed to participate Israel with anterior support connected a humanitarian basis, nether peculiar circumstances oregon for aesculapian reasons.

        Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas besides condemned Thursday's violence, his bureau said successful a statement.

        "The sidesplitting of Palestinian and Israeli civilians lone leads to a further deterioration of the concern astatine a clip erstwhile we each strive to execute stableness and forestall escalation," Abbas said successful the statement.

        Abbas warned against Jewish settlers utilizing the incidental arsenic an excuse "to transportation retired attacks and reactions against our Palestinian people."

        He added that the "lasting, broad and conscionable bid is the shortest and champion mode to supply information and stableness for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples and the peoples of the region."

        Late Thursday, Palestinian militant groups successful Gaza, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, praised the suspected panic attack, without explicitly taking recognition for it.

        Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum linked the onslaught to clashes astatine Jerusalem's al Aqsa mosque compound.

        Five radical   changeable  dormant   adjacent   Tel Aviv, the 3rd  onslaught  successful  Israel successful  a week

        "This is simply a brave and heroic enactment that comes arsenic a earthy effect to the violations of the concern against al Aqsa Mosque," helium told CNN, referring to the beingness of Israeli information successful the compound.

        The onslaught "sends a connection to the concern that each its crimes and violations volition lone instrumentality to it," helium said, referring to Israel. "Our earthy close is for our radical to respond to the crimes of the occupation, to deter it, and to support our rights. Today, the concern is paying the measure for its violations."

        Islamic Jihad governmental bureau subordinate Muhammad Hamid Abu Al-Hassan congratulated the attackers.

        "The desecration of the concern service and settler gangs of al Aqsa Mosque crossed each reddish lines, and our radical volition proceed to respond to this aggression," helium said, a motion to clashes that occurred astatine the compound connected Thursday.

        Only Muslims are allowed to sojourn the beatified site, called the Temple Mount by Jews and Haram al-Sharif oregon Noble Sanctuary by Muslims, during the past 10 days of Ramadan each year. Groups of Israeli Jews began visiting again connected Thursday.

        Ultra-Orthodox Jewish mourners encircle a antheral   flooded  with grief pursuing  the attack.

        Blinken condemns attack

        On Thursday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemned what helium described arsenic a "terrorist attack," saying successful a connection it "was peculiarly heinous coming arsenic Israel celebrated its Independence Day."

        "We stay successful adjacent interaction with our Israeli friends and partners and basal firmly with them successful the look of this attack," helium added.

        US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price besides said Thursday that the onslaught appears to beryllium "the latest successful a what has been a drawstring of despicable violent attacks that person rocked Israel successful caller weeks."

          "We saw them successful beforehand of this beatified play -- the confluence of Easter, of Passover, of Ramadan. We saw them successful beforehand of the Negev Summit. And if this is what it appears to be, it is thing that we would condemn successful strongest terms," Price said.

          "Our committedness to our Israeli partners, to Israel's security, that is ironclad, and we'll supply immoderate and each assistance that whitethorn beryllium required successful this case," helium added.

          CNN's Jennifer Hansler and Jorge Engels contributed reporting.

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