Gary Nelson, Director Of 'Freaky Friday' And 'Get Smart,' Dies At 87

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Gary Nelson, manager of films similar “Freaky Friday” and TV’s “Get Smart,” died successful Las Vegas connected May 25, his lad told The Hollywood Reporter connected Friday.

Following successful the footsteps of his father, Sam Nelson — who worked connected cinematic classics specified arsenic “All the King’s Men” and “Some Like It Hot” — Gary Nelson started his vocation successful the 1950s arsenic an adjunct manager for iconic movies similar “Rebel Without a Cause” and John Ford’s “The Searchers.”

He became a due manager successful 1962, helming assorted Westerns for television. Nelson met his aboriginal wife, histrion Judi Meredith, connected the acceptable of the bid “Have Gun – Will Travel,” according to Slashfilm.

He went connected to marque immoderate of the astir celebrated TV shows of the decade, including “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Gunsmoke.” While filming “Gilligan’s Island,” writers dubbed Nelson “The Iceman” due to the fact that they could seldom get him to ace a smile.

He became a wunderkind for Disney arsenic the manager of 23 episodes of “Get Smart,” which parodied the then-popular genre of spy fiction, according to

In the 1970s, Nelson would marque the drama “Freaky Friday,” starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster arsenic a parent and girl who miraculously power bodies overnight. The palmy movie would get a remake successful 2003 with a antithetic manager and a caller formed featuring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan.

Nelson besides created the precise archetypal PG-rated film. 1979′s “The Black Hole,” which starred Maximilian Schell, saw 1 unit of astronauts brushwood different arsenic some experienced the titular improvement firsthand.

The director, whose decease from earthy causes was kept quiescent until this week, is survived by Garrett and Blue Nelson, his sons. Meredith, his spouse of 52 years, died successful 2014.

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