George Conway Mocks Trump By Throwing His Own Brand Of Attack At Him

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Conservative lawyer George Conway threw immoderate of Donald Trump’s caller taunts backmost astatine him connected Sunday aft the erstwhile president appeared to hide who he’d endorsed successful Ohio’s U.S. Senate race.

At a governmental rally successful Nebraska connected Sunday, Trump told attendees, “We’ve endorsed ... J.P.? Right? J.D. Mandel. And he’s doing great.”

The Ohio campaigner Trump endorsed a small much than 2 weeks agone was really J.D. Vance, a task capitalist and the writer of Hillbilly Elegy. Vance is moving against Josh Mandel successful the May 3 GOP primary.

Conway’s tweet echoed a statement released by Trump connected Thursday that attacked Conway and his wife, Kellyanne Conway, who served arsenic Trump’s elder White House counsellor until August 2020. George Conway is 1 of Trump’s astir salient blimpish critics and helped recovered the anti-Trump PAC The Lincoln Project.

“He’s mentally ill, a precise sick man,” Trump wrote astir George Conway successful the statement. “I don’t cognize what Kellyanne did to him, but it indispensable person been truly bad. She has wholly destroyed this feline ― his caput is wholly shot.”

Conway’s instrumentality swipe referred to big movie histrion Stormy Daniels, who claimed she had enactment with Trump successful 2006 and was bribed to enactment quiescent astir it. Trump’s erstwhile fixer, lawyer Michael Cohen, admitted to making hush money payments to Daniels and different pistillate connected Trump’s behalf earlier the 2016 predetermination to forestall them from speaking out. Cohen aboriginal served clip successful situation connected respective charges, including run concern violations successful transportation to those payments.

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