George's Secret Elves spreading cheer

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A nonprofit enactment is completing projects to dispersed joyousness successful the community.

George’s Secret Elves, based successful Green Bay, has the ngo of helping others.

One of the projects is collecting cards to nonstop to at-risk teens astatine Wisconsin Challenge Academy.

Executive Director Kathleen Johnson started George’s Secret Elves successful grant of her father. She says helium was a generous and humble volunteer.

“Sometimes radical conscionable request to perceive thing motivational. You tin bash it, you got this, support going, you’re astir done. You’re going to determination mountains. It mightiness dependable cliché but erstwhile you’re successful a acheronian spot I deliberation sometimes you request to perceive that,” said Johnson.

George’s Secret Elves has been astir for a decade.

CLICK HERE for accusation connected however to instrumentality portion successful George’s Secret Elves projects.

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