Georgia Secretary Of State Says Trump 'Had No Idea How Elections Work'

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Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) wrote successful a caller publication that erstwhile President Donald Trump demonstrated small knowing of however elections are conducted during their recorded Jan. 2 telephone call.

The Georgia elections authoritative connected Tuesday released his book, “Integrity Counts,” which details however Trump’s persistent disinformation aft the predetermination culminated successful the hourlong telephone call successful which the then-president told him, “I conscionable privation to find 11,780 votes,” the nonstop fig helium needed to flip Georgia’s effect successful his favor.

“This repeated petition for votes showed maine that President Trump truly had nary thought however elections work. The caput of state’s bureau doesn’t allocate immoderate votes,” Raffensperger wrote successful an annotation of the call, the transcript of which is included successful the book, according to The Hill.

Raffensperger, a lifelong Republican, told The Hill successful an interrogation helium wasn’t definite if Trump was being intentionally dishonest oregon if helium really believed the claims helium was making.

“At the clip of the telephone successful January, I didn’t cognize if helium believed what helium was saying. I didn’t cognize if helium was trying to propulsion a narrative, oregon was helium conscionable believing worldly that was fed to him?” Raffensperger said. “As a conservative-with-a-capital-C Republican, I’m disappointed similar everyone other is. But the acold hard facts are that President Trump did travel up abbreviated successful the authorities of Georgia.”

Trump made a fig of mendacious allegations during that call, which Raffensperger investigated and debunked.

Trump said helium was told that adjacent to 5,000 ballots had been formed successful the names of dormant people. Raffensperger’s audit recovered 2 cases wherever this had occurred. Trump said 4,925 out-of-state voters had formed ballots successful Georgia. Raffensperger recovered 300. And Trump repeatedly suggested that Fulton County officials shredded thousands of ballots. There’s nary grounds that happened.

“Every azygous allegation that helium made successful that telephone and each allegation that his surrogates made, we ran those down and they were not supported by the facts,” Raffensperger told The Hill.

In the look of vocal and nationalist pressure from Trump and allies aft the election, Raffensperger staunchly refuted claims astir wide fraud successful Georgia’s election, prompting harassment and decease threats from Trump supporters.

In May, helium was criticized for backing ― and truthful lending credence to ― a further, disinformation-driven inspection of the ballots. He said helium supported it successful bid to “restore elector confidence” adjacent though helium maintained determination was nary grounds of wide fraud.

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