Glenn Youngkin Defeats Terry McAuliffe in Virginia Governor’s Race

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Nov. 3, 2021, 12:39 a.m. ET

Nov. 3, 2021, 12:39 a.m. ET

Glenn Youngkin, the Republican moving  for politician  of Virginia, stood with his woman  Suzanne during a run  lawsuit   successful  Chesterfield, Va., connected  Monday. 
Credit...Carlos Bernate for The New York Times

McLEAN, Va. — Republicans claimed the governorship of Virginia for the archetypal clip successful much than a decennary connected Wednesday, electing the businessman Glenn Youngkin and presenting their enactment with a look for however to exploit President Biden’s vulnerabilities and evade the shadiness of Donald J. Trump successful Democratic-leaning states.

Mr. Youngkin, 54, a affluent erstwhile backstage equity enforcement making his archetypal tally for office, elevated acquisition and taxes portion projecting a suburban-dad demeanor to show helium was antithetic from Mr. Trump without saying truthful outright. He defeated erstwhile Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat who, with Mr. Trump retired of office, struggled to make enthusiasm among liberals astatine a infinitesimal erstwhile conservatives are energized successful absorption to Mr. Biden.

The Associated Press called the contention for Mr. Youngkin soon aft 12:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, hours aft the polls closed connected Tuesday night.

The predetermination took spot astatine a infinitesimal erstwhile voters are profoundly frustrated, weary from the still-lingering coronavirus pandemic and irritated astatine the costs and scarcity of goods. Large majorities successful polls say that the state is connected the incorrect track, a foreboding indicator for the enactment successful power.

Mr. Youngkin’s astonishment victory, however, represents the starkest informing yet that Democrats are successful danger. It was apt to punctual additional legislature retirements, intensify the intraparty tug of warfare implicit Mr. Biden’s docket and substance fears that a midterm electoral question and Mr. Trump’s instrumentality arsenic a campaigner are each but inevitable.

“The MAGA question is bigger and stronger than ever before,” Mr. Trump said successful a connection Tuesday night.

In the archetypal competitory statewide predetermination of Mr. Biden’s presidency, Mr. McAuliffe worked assiduously to nexus Mr. Youngkin to the erstwhile president. Inviting a parade of salient nationalist Democrats to run with him, the erstwhile politician sought to nationalize the contention and efficaciously alteration a gubernatorial contention into a referendum connected Mr. Trump successful a authorities helium mislaid by 10 points past year.

But voters appeared acold much anxious to registry their vexation with the Democrats successful power of Washington and Richmond, the authorities capital, and fissures appeared successful the conjugation of mean whites, radical of colour and young liberals that elected Mr. Biden successful 2020. In cities, suburbs and exurbs that Mr. Biden had handily carried, Mr. McAuliffe’s margins shrank dramatically.

Mr. McAuliffe ne'er afloat articulated his ain imaginativeness for a 2nd word and received nary favors from Mr. Biden oregon his party’s lawmakers. They spent overmuch of the autumn locked successful contentious negotiations implicit Mr. Biden’s infrastructure and societal payment proposals, failing to scope a statement that could person astatine slightest offered Mr. McAuliffe immoderate bully quality to trumpet.

Democrats successful Virginia person tended to triumph statewide elections connected a connection of can-do pragmatism. The stalemate successful Washington formed the enactment successful a antithetic light.

Taking the signifier successful McLean earlier the contention was called, Mr. McAuliffe thanked his household and supporters but did not concede. “This is simply a antithetic state,” helium said of Virginia pursuing his governorship and that of his successor, Gov. Ralph S. Northam. “We are going to proceed that fight.”

Significantly, Mr. Trump appeared unusually contented to beryllium kept astatine arm’s magnitude by Mr. Youngkin, remaining mostly soundless arsenic the Republican campaigner declined to invitation him to the state. Mr. McAuliffe adjacent acknowledged to reporters connected Monday that “from a governmental perspective” it would person been amended for him had the erstwhile president not been banished from Twitter truthful Mr. Trump could person had a level from which to insert himself into the campaign.

For Republicans, peculiarly those uneasy with Mr. Trump and battered by the party’s drawstring of losses connected his watch, Mr. Youngkin’s triumph delivered a infinitesimal of exultation. Their triumph successful Virginia demonstrated that they tin reclaim immoderate suburban voters without afloat embracing oregon rejecting Mr. Trump.

Clad successful a fleece vest and sporting a grin connected the run trail, Mr. Youngkin happily claimed enactment from alleged Never Trumpers and Forever Trumpers, portion different voicing a center-right docket successful a authorities wherever Republicans person not won statewide since 2009.

In portion due to the fact that Mr. McAuliffe was truthful dedicated to his strategy of inserting Mr. Trump into the race, Mr. Youngkin evaded scrutiny astir his ain views connected policy, which connected issues similar termination and same-sex matrimony were to the close of astir Virginia voters.


Credit...Melissa Lyttle for The New York Times

The contention illustrated that voters are chiefly focused connected day-to-day prime of beingness issues related to the system and the pandemic, and they blasted Democrats for failing to afloat code these matters.

The Virginia results besides suggest that Mr. Trump’s exit has astatine slightest loosened the Democrats’ clasp connected the college-educated voters who powered their gains implicit the past 5 years.

It’s highly unlikely, however, that the erstwhile president volition fto different Republicans sidestep him successful adjacent year’s midterm elections the mode Mr. Youngkin did. The party’s triumph successful Virginia whitethorn lone lull Republicans into believing that Mr. Trump nary longer poses a dilemma and tin beryllium indefinitely averted, the benignant of reasoning galore enactment leaders person clung to for much than six years.

For now, though, it’s Democrats who volition endure the astir arsenic their moderate-versus-liberal intraparty tensions flare successful Washington and beyond and officials blasted 1 different for the defeat.

Susan Swecker, the chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, was blunt successful her disapproval of nationalist Democrats for their losses connected Tuesday. “I would promote those radical crossed the stream that could walk authorities to springiness alleviation to moving families that possibly they amended aftermath up and deliberation astir what adjacent twelvemonth is going to look similar now,” Ms. Swecker said.

However, adjacent earlier polls closed Tuesday, 1 elder advisor to Mr. Biden was fuming implicit talking points issued by the Democratic Governors Association, which pointed to the president’s dimming popularity. It was not Mr. Biden, this advisor said, but Mr. McAuliffe who handed Republicans a governmental limb arsenic they sought to pat into parents’ choler implicit section schoolhouse boards.

The infinitesimal came successful a September debate, erstwhile Mr. McAuliffe said, “I don’t deliberation parents should beryllium telling schools what they should teach.”

For Democrats, portion of the crushed the nonaccomplishment was truthful achy was due to the fact that it was truthful familiar.

The past clip a Republican won the Virginia governorship, successful 2009, the party’s nominee rode a backlash against President Barack Obama to a 17-point victory, carrying densely populated suburbs similar Fairfax County successful Northern Virginia. That triumph presaged a Republican question the pursuing twelvemonth that turned implicit power of the House to the G.O.P. and stymied Mr. Obama for the equilibrium of his clip successful office.

It was a script that Democrats fearfulness could travel to walk again successful 2022 unless Mr. Biden regains elector confidence.

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