Good… news? The HarperCollins Union has approved a new deal!

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Jonny Diamond

February 17, 2023, 11:54am

After almost hitting the 100-day mark on the picket line, HarperCollins Union members (UAW 2110) have agreed to a tentative deal with management. According to this tweet, yesterday, employees expect to return to work on February 21.

Big News!!! We have voted to ratfiy the contract and will be returning to work 2/21. We’re excited to get back to work and join our colleagues again.#HarperCollins#HCPOnStrike#HarperCollinsUnion

— HarperCollins Union HAS A CONTRACT! (@hcpunion) February 16, 2023

Per the AP, the deal means that

annual starting pay will increase to $47,500 upon ratification, and rise to $50,000 by the beginning of 2025. In addition, full-time employees in the union will receive lump sum payments of $1,500.

That’s still not great for life in NYC (particularly from a billion-dollar corporation) but at least it represents part of a general and ongoing upward push on starting salaries. If the publishing industry ever truly wants to address its ongoing imbalance—in favor of the white and the rich—it has to begin by paying living wages to entry-level employees. And that money for the bottom third needs to come directly from the top third.

Anyway, congratulations to the union!

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