GOP Consultant Says Biden's Anti-MAGA Speech Made Her Cry, Gave Her Hope

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A GOP strategist said she was moved to tears by President Joe Biden’s caller speech condemning extremist election-denying Republicans for the risks they airs to American democracy.

“Everything feels truly dark. Really heavy. We’re successful uncharted territory,” Rina Shah told MSNBC connected Saturday, citing the find of classified documents astatine erstwhile President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. “We are successful [an] perfectly unbelievable infinitesimal close now, wherever we person a idiosyncratic who wants to hijack the state for his ain gain.”

“So what I heard from Joe Biden past nighttime gave maine tremendous hope,” she continued. “Actually, to beryllium precise honorable with you, it made maine outcry similar a child. Because it reminded maine of my precocious father, who came to America successful 1970 and my mother, who came successful 1980. And arsenic a girl of those 2 immigrants, who was raised to judge successful the goodness of America, not conscionable arsenic a concept, but I was raised to judge successful the goodness of American people.”

“I was told by my parents that Americans are inherently good. By virtue, they’re accepting people. My, however acold we’ve travel distant from that.”

“So what I heard from Joe Biden was, again: There are definite Americans amongst america who person been radicalized and are extremists. And it’s up to each 1 of america not conscionable to beryllium vigilant and to propulsion backmost but to instrumentality a full caller responsibility.”

“What I heard from Joe Biden past nighttime gave maine tremendous hope...It made maine outcry similar a child," says @RinainDC. "I was told by my parents that Americans are inherently good. By virtue, they're accepting people. How acold we person travel distant from that." #velshi

— Ali Velshi (@AliVelshi) September 3, 2022

In his prime-time code from Philadelphia connected Friday, Biden called connected Americans to support against extremist Republicans and Trump supporters who person attacked instrumentality enforcement, sought to delegitimize predetermination results and undermined the nation’s electoral process.

“For a agelong time, we’ve reassured ourselves that American ideology is guaranteed. But it is not. We person to support it. Protect it. Stand up for it. Each and each 1 of us,” Biden warned.

“MAGA Republicans bash not respect the Constitution. They bash not judge successful the regularisation of law. They bash not admit the volition of the people, garbage to judge the results of a escaped election.”

Biden acknowledged that not each Republican embraces this utmost ideology but said determination was “no question” that the modern GOP is dominated and intimidated by Trump and his base.

Many Republicans have slammed Biden’s rhetoric arsenic divisive, including Trump himself, who called it the astir “vicious, hateful, and divisive code ever delivered by an American president.

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