GOP Group's New Logo Features Elephant With Trump's Famous Combover

3 weeks ago 17

A South Carolina radical of Republicans has signaled it supports erstwhile President Donald Trump successful a mode that immoderate mightiness find hair-raising.

The Greenville County Republican Party’s caller logo features the modular elephant logo utilized by different GOP groups, but with a unsocial addition: a swath of hairsbreadth meant to mimic the erstwhile president’s trademark combover.

Greenville GOP Chairman Jeff Davis told the Charleston Post & Courier that the caller logo is meant to amusement the rift betwixt the much constitution benignant of conservatism and the populist, right-wing marque of authorities embraced by Trump and his supporters.

“It is precise hard for the mean national to differentiate betwixt 1 GOP and different GOP,” Davis told the paper. “That’s what we’re trying to do; we privation to assistance radical separate betwixt the two.”

“It’s not afloat a conflict betwixt ‘R’ and ‘D,’” helium added. “It’s betwixt the constitution members of some parties and ‘We the People.’”

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