GOP Official Tells Tennessee Colleges Not To Say Title IX Protects LGBTQ People

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A Republican lawmaker has told Tennessee colleges and universities that acknowledging LGBTQ students successful nationalist materials arsenic “protected” nether national Title IX instrumentality could beryllium violating authorities law.

Rep. John Ragan (R) reached retired to nationalist higher acquisition institutions, including the University of Tennessee and East Tennessee State University, successful August asking schools to “immediately revoke” oregon region materials that suggest LGBTQ radical are protected nether the landmark law.

Title IX is simply a national instrumentality that bars favoritism connected the ground of enactment astatine institutions that person national assistance, according to the U.S. Department of Education; the institutions are required to run successful a “nondiscriminatory manner” connected the ground of sex.

The section had projected changes to Title IX specified arsenic the summation of phrases that would see LGBTQ radical successful the law, WREG-TV reported, but those changes were temporarily blocked by a national judge successful Tennessee successful July.

Ragan’s missive cited the national tribunal order, stating it “enjoined and restrained” national officials from utilizing the department’s erstwhile guidance to support LGBTQ radical nether the law, WBIR-TV reported.

You tin work the letter, published by WBIR-TV, below.

The University of Tennessee responded to Ragan by stating it did not alteration its nationalist Title IX materials including websites and policies.

“We bash not judge thing successful our existent policies, procedures, oregon statements relating to rubric IX oregon nondiscrimination violates either national oregon authorities law,” the assemblage wrote to Ragan.

East Tennessee State University responded to the missive by removing references to protections for LGBTQ radical connected astatine slightest 1 website, WJHL-TV reported.

“Universities are not astatine liberty to disregard authorities law, careless of their accreditation oregon certification organizations accidental they astir person to get their accreditation,” Ragan told WREG-TV.

“These are not governmental entities, and arsenic specified universities indispensable travel authorities instrumentality implicit and supra what these organizations archer them.”

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