GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Attempt To Troll Greta Thunberg Goes Up Like The Temperature

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Conspiracy theory-endorsing Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) faced mockery connected Monday aft she attacked clime activistic Greta Thunberg’s “no much blah blah blah” comments astatine the United Nations COP26 league successful Glasgow, Scotland.

Outside the summit, Thunberg called retired satellite leaders for being each speech and excessively small enactment connected tackling planetary warming. “No much blah blah blah,” she said. “No much immoderate the fuck they’re doing wrong there.”

QAnon-backing Boebert, a frequent self-owner connected Twitter, fired backmost with her mentation of the “tell maine without telling me” meme.

Critics turned Boebert’s station backmost connected her, with immoderate thanking her for inadvertently spreading Thunberg’s connection astir the request for action.

Thank you for helping broadcast her message.

While it's intelligibly mislaid connected you, possibly it volition resonate with radical who would similar to prevention the planet.

— Katie Porter's Whiteboard (@ChipHarbour) November 1, 2021

The information that you don’t recognize what she’s doing does not mean that she doesn’t recognize what she’s doing.

— Steve Benedict (@SteveBenedict17) November 1, 2021

Why would you knock a young miss who is articulate and passionate successful her beliefs? It’s her satellite that is astatine stake. Try listening. Try learning.

— Mark C. Serreze (@MarkSerreze) November 1, 2021

Same happening I deliberation each clip I spot you person posted.

— David Fishbaugh (@fishdavid81) November 2, 2021
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