GOP Rep. Tom Reed, Who Faced Misconduct Claim, Resigns 7 Months Before End Of Term

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NEW YORK (AP) — New York Congressman Tom Reed is resigning, leaving bureau much than 7 months earlier the extremity of his term.

Reed said past twelvemonth that helium would not question reelection aft he was accused of intersexual misconduct but helium announced successful a code connected the level of the U.S. House that helium was resigning Tuesday.

He did not springiness a crushed for his resignation but said determination is much to bash to enactment “people earlier politics.”

“I americium leaving to proceed that enactment and anticipation to person a greater interaction connected our country,” Reed said.

His bureau did not instantly respond to messages seeking much details.

The Republican from occidental New York was accused of rubbing a pistillate lobbyist’s backmost and unhooking her bra, without her consent, astatine a networking lawsuit successful a Minneapolis pub successful 2017.

Reed apologized days aft the allegations were reported successful March 2021 and said the incidental occurred astatine a clip successful which helium said helium was “struggling” and entered attraction aft realizing helium was “powerless implicit alcohol.”

Reed, who was archetypal elected to Congress successful 2010, had said earlier successful 2021 that helium was considering a tally for New York politician should Andrew Cuomo tally again. Cuomo, a Democrat, resigned from the governor’s bureau successful August amid intersexual harassment allegations, which helium denied.

Reed, erstwhile issuing his apology past year, said helium would not tally for immoderate bureau successful 2022.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s bureau did not instantly respond to questions astir erstwhile she would telephone a peculiar predetermination to capable Reed’s spot earlier November’s elections.

Reed is simply a erstwhile politician of Corning, New York and was a co-chair of the House of Representatives’ bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus.

He voted against impeaching erstwhile President Donald Trump successful January 2021 but voted successful favour of certifying the 2020 predetermination of Democrat Joe Biden.

Reed was the 2nd New York Republican who is not readying to tally again this year. Upstate New York Rep. John Katko, who was among 10 House GOP lawmakers who voted to impeach Trump, announced earlier this twelvemonth helium would not question reelection.

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