GOP Senator Likens Women To Wildlife In 'Ridiculous' Anti-Abortion Argument

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Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) attracted ridicule this week aft helium compared women and fetuses to oversea turtles, eagles and their eggs arsenic helium argued against a measure projected by Democrats that would warrant the close to termination nether national law.

According to Daines’ analogy, which was delivered connected the Senate level implicit with a ocular aid, the authorities would springiness fetuses less protections than turtle and eagle eggs.

“If you were to instrumentality oregon destruct the eggs of a oversea turtle, present I said the eggs. Not the hatchlings, that’s besides a [unintelligible], the transgression penalties are severe. Up to $100,000 good and a twelvemonth successful prison. Now why?” Daines said. “Why bash we person laws successful spot that support the eggs of a oversea turtle oregon the eggs of eagles? Because erstwhile you destruct an egg, you’re sidesplitting a preborn babe oversea turtle oregon a preborn babe eagle.”

The laws he’s referring to support oversea turtle and bald eagle nests from humans due to the fact that the taxon are endangered. There are nary laws preventing pistillate wildlife from doing arsenic they delight with their ain eggs.

Democrats introduced the Women’s Health Protection Act successful an effort to safeguard termination entree for millions of women, pursuing the leak of a draught bulk sentiment that showed the Supreme Court was poised to overturn the landmark 1973 termination rights case, Roe v. Wade, and rotation backmost women’s rights by 5 decades.

Daines’ statement was torn isolated connected societal media:

1. Humans aren’t an endangered species.

2. We person laws against others physically assaulting large women.

3. We don’t person laws against oversea turtles and eagles who interruption oregon harm their ain eggs, oregon wantonness their young.

4. Republicans often marque the astir ridiculous analogies

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) May 10, 2022

among different things, due to the fact that oversea turtles and eagles don't person law rights arsenic adjacent citizens of the United States but hey, seemingly women don't either

— Emmy Bengtson (@EmmyA2) May 10, 2022

I mean…cuz they’re endangered species? Unlike the galore different animals’ eggs humans destruct connected a regular ground (chicken, duck, quail, etc).

FWIW, I would beryllium vehemently against forcing a oversea turtle oregon eagle to laic eggs/procreate against their volition conscionable arsenic I americium a quality woman. 🤷🏽‍♀️

— Tiya Sircar (@tiyasircar) May 10, 2022

.@SteveDaines conscionable compared women to fucking oversea turtles and eagles. It continues to stroke my caput that truthful galore men, astir of whom don’t cognize however a basal play works, are successful a presumption to legislate my close to person children.

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) May 10, 2022

As a conservation biologist I could person NEVER predicted that fucking oversea turtles would beryllium utilized to enactment taking distant my rights.

Also, @stevedaines lone voted for conservation interests successful 40% of large votes successful 2019-2020.

Man doesn’t cognize capable astir eggs OR wildlife.

— Imogene Cancellare (@biologistimo) May 11, 2022

I hold that women merit arsenic overmuch if not adjacent much extortion than oversea turtles.

— Andrew Wortman 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦🇺🇸 (@AmoneyResists) May 10, 2022

The enactment comparing termination to oversea turtle eggs shouldn’t beryllium successful complaint of shit.

Especially not my uterus.

— Jo 🌻 (@JoJoFromJerz) May 11, 2022

Steve Daines makes the dumbest statement of each time.

Sea turtles & bald eagles are endangered species, humans are not.

— The USA Singers (@TheUSASingers) May 12, 2022

You’re kidding maine with this misogynist shit, right?!

Senator Daines connected abortion: “Why bash we person laws successful spot to support the eggs of a oversea turtle?”

Women are not f’ing oversea turtles

We are bonzer superb indomitable HUMANS who question to beryllium the masters of our ain destiny

— Lindy Li (@lindyli) May 10, 2022

I privation to spell connected record. I americium not a oversea turtle. Steve Daines is an embarrassment to Montana.

— Mary Syrenne (@MarySyrenne) May 11, 2022
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