GOP Senators Push Back On COVID Funds Request After Biden Says 'Pandemic Is Over'

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Senate Republicans expressed skepticism implicit whether COVID-19 backing is inactive indispensable pursuing President Joe Biden’s caller comments declaring the extremity of the pandemic.

Earlier this month, the White House enactment an updated request done for $22.4 cardinal to walk connected vaccines, investigating and therapeutics, among different things, arsenic portion of a short-term continuing resolution.

“This backing is captious to our quality to support and physique connected the advancement we’ve made,” wrote Shalanda Young, manager of the Office of Management and Budget, successful a blog post for the White House website connected Sept. 2.

But this backing whitethorn present beryllium successful jeopardy aft Biden’s remarks.

Asked if the pandemic is over, Biden replied that it is.

“We inactive person a occupation with COVID. We’re inactive doing a batch of enactment connected it … but the pandemic is over,” Biden told “60 Minutes” successful a conception that aired Sunday.

Biden’s comments drew the attraction of Republican lawmakers, who seized connected the accidental to question the request for further COVID-19 funds.

“If it’s over, past I wouldn’t fishy they request immoderate much money,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) told CNN.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), who had helped negociate a bipartisan $10 cardinal woody for COVID-19 wealth that failed to walk the Senate this past spring, told CNN helium did not spot a mode done for immoderate benignant of pandemic-related backing with GOP support.

Even immoderate Democrats look uneasy implicit Biden’s comments.

“The variants are inactive retired there. We are each hoping that it’s implicit [but] cipher is going to foretell with certainty that it is. I’m not,” Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) told ABC News Monday.

In immoderate case, Durbin maintained the White House backing requests besides person to bash with preparing for aboriginal outbreaks.

“The president has asked successful the past not conscionable for pandemic funds for COVID-19 but to hole for what mightiness beryllium next. And I deliberation that’s ever evident and just to bash that,” helium said. “Maybe that’s his attack to it, I’d person to inquire him.”

Earlier this month, Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House COVID-19 effect coordinator, told reporters “the pandemic is not over,” and said the medication was successful “ongoing talks” with lawmakers astir getting much funding, stressing the value of wealth successful the nation’s combat against COVID-19.

“We are successful a overmuch amended spot due to the fact that we’ve been capable to respond effectively,” Jha said connected Sept. 6. “Congress is alert that if we bash not proceed to money the response, we tin easy spell backwards.”

For instance, the White House had to stop shipping escaped at-home trial kits astatine the commencement of this period owed to a deficiency of funding.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s main aesculapian adviser, connected Monday told a fireside chat with the Center for Strategic and International Studies that portion the state is “heading successful the close direction,” determination is inactive country for progress.

Fauci added the outbreak’s strength remains “unacceptably high,” referencing the 400 deaths per time the U.S. is inactive experiencing, but said the wide representation is overmuch improved compared with different stages successful the pandemic erstwhile the U.S. averaged 3,000 deaths per day.

“We’re overmuch amended disconnected now, ” Fauci said. “But we are not wherever we request to beryllium if we are going to punctuation ‘live with the virus’ due to the fact that we cognize we are not going to eradicate it.”

He besides noted the information that lone 67.7% of the U.S. colonisation has been afloat vaccinated arsenic of Sept. 14, citing this metric arsenic grounds of “lack of a azygous acceptance of the interventions that are disposable to america successful this country.”

The White House appears to admit that Biden’s comments could besides further “complicate” the administration’s efforts to boost Americans this fall, according to Politico, pursuing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approving new boosters, which people newer omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5.

An unnamed elder White House authoritative told Politico that portion COVID-19 is nary longer the apical precedence connected the administration’s agenda, it’s “still a existent challenge.”

“And if things spell bad, it could spell from being a occupation to being the biggest contented again,” the authoritative said.

The U.S. has been averaging 54,831 cases and 360 deaths regular implicit the past week, arsenic of Sept. 18, according to the CDC.

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