Government misspells man's name on his passport

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DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- A mistake by the authorities enactment a Durham couple's honeymoon successful jeopardy.

Jeremy Rascoe is getting joined this summer, and helium and his fiancé wanted to spell retired of the state for their honeymoon. Rascoe applied for his passport much than a twelvemonth agone successful April of 2021. Three months aboriginal helium was approved and got the passport successful the mail, but determination was a mistake.

"My mediate sanction is Durell but, successful the middle, they person Purell. Again, it's the mediate of the pandemic, truthful I'm guessing they were looking astatine my commencement certificate and looking astatine manus sanitizer and continued to type," helium said.

On the paperwork Rascoe filled out, helium has his mediate sanction spelled correctly and it's adjacent spelled correctly connected the mailing envelope his passport arrived in, it's conscionable misspelled connected his passport.

He called and emailed the US Department of State to study the occupation and was told to capable retired a signifier astir the incorrect spelling of his mediate name.

"I sent retired my passport publication again, with my commencement certificate that I besides person and I thought everything was fine."

Rascoe continued to cheque the presumption of his passport exertion which said 'In Process' for months, but past each of a abrupt changed to 'Not Issued.' Online, Rascoe's relationship said it was determined that helium wasn't eligible.

The authorities past sent him his archetypal passport backmost with his mediate sanction inactive misspelled.

"It conscionable confuses maine connected the crushed wherefore I can't get a elemental happening processed. It's much headache than I ever thought it would be," Rascoe said.

With his honeymoon conscionable a fewer months away, Rascoe got successful interaction with Troubleshooter Diane Wilson and she reached retired to the US Department of State, who thanked ABC11 for reaching retired and moving straight with Rascoe to hole the issue. Within a fewer weeks, Rascoe had success.

"I got my passport connected Friday. We are successful the wealth now; we are bully to spell to Jamaica for our honeymoon. Thank you, convey you, convey you! I admit you for everything," Rascoe said to Wilson.

He is relieved helium present has a passport with the close spelling of his mediate name.

This is simply a bully reminder, with question picking backmost up aft the pandemic, it's cardinal to permission plentifulness of clip erstwhile applying for a passport successful lawsuit you tally into immoderate issues similar this.

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