Governments must check Facebook really does scrap face recognition, whistleblower says

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Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen reacts during an interrogation with Reuters up of a gathering with German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht, successful Berlin, Germany, November 3, 2021. REUTERS/Michele Tantussi

BERLIN, Nov 3 (Reuters) - Facebook (FB.O) whistleblower Frances Haugen welcomed Facebook's (FB.O)announcement that it would scrap facial recognition, but urged adjacent authorities oversight of the determination to guarantee the societal web lived up to its pledge.

Facebook made the announcement connected Tuesday, partially successful effect to increasing scrutiny from regulators and legislators implicit idiosyncratic information and abuses connected its platforms. Activists person criticised faceprinting arsenic a superior menace to privacy.

"I powerfully promote authorities oversight," Haugen said.

"When they accidental we've got escaped of this, what does that really mean," she asked. "There has to beryllium much transparency connected however these operations enactment to marque definite they really travel through."

Ahead of a gathering with Germany's justness minister, the whistleblower, who leaked a trove of damaging documents astir Facebook's interior workings, added that the European Union's and Britain's "principles-based" regularisation was much effectual successful constraining exertion companies than the United States's much rigid rules-based approach.

Europe besides had a peculiar relation to play successful ensuring Facebook improves its monitoring of contented successful languages different than English.

Facebook has faced disapproval for failing to enactment against hatred code successful languages from Burmese to Greek adjacent arsenic it steps up its monitoring of English-language posts successful the aftermath of the storming of the U.S. Capitol connected Jan. 6.

"A linguistically divers spot similar Europe tin beryllium an advocator for everybody astir the satellite that doesn't talk English," she said. "The world is that Facebook has radically under-invested successful information and information systems for each languages different than English."

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